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  1. Kung Fu Porkchop

    Municipal Power Failures: Generator or Inverter

    We've been having intermittent power failures in the town I live in the last 4 years due to a combination of municipal mismanagement and load-shedding. At this point I'm so negative that I would like to move out of this sh*thole town, but I bought a house in the last year so that won't be...
  2. Kung Fu Porkchop

    Which Browser do you use?

    I've been using Google Chrome since it was released, but I'm looking for something more secure (and with less tracking stuff) with a sync option so I can sync bookmarks etc between 3 devices. I've tried Brave, but I can't get the sync option to work. Which browser do you use or would you recommend?
  3. Kung Fu Porkchop

    Looking for a decent Generator

    Unfortunately, one of the transformers in the town I live in got hit by lightning on Friday and we have to go through load-shedding until Eskom's technicians decide whether they can fix the transformer or whether a new one is required. I can't believe it takes them this long just to make that...
  4. Kung Fu Porkchop

    Host for Ark Survival Evolved

    Does anyone know where I can rent Ark SE servers in South Africa other than
  5. Kung Fu Porkchop

    Web Filter

    I'm looking for a decent web filter to use on a corporate environment. We used to use a Barracuda Webfilter, but it hasn't been performing well over the last year or so, so I started using the web filter function on our Juniper firewall. It's underwhelming to say the least. We need to block...