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    Vodacom Prepaid Roaming questions

    Just looking for some info, as Vodacom helpline is non-existent. I have enabled International Roaming on my Vodacom Prepaid, as I will be traveling abroad next Month. Couple of questions. 1. If international Roaming enabled now, does that mean I'm paying international rates while I'm still in...
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    MacBook Pro external battery pack

    Can anyone recommend an external battery pack to keep a MacBook running through load shedding ?
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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    I've resurrected my xbox one, and trying to figure out if Game pass is worth it so I purchased a 3 month Xbox Live Gold sub, and now see I can upgrade to "Game Pass Ultimate" for R15 Will the R15 cover all 3 months ? it's a bit ambiguous, but it looks like it would be a great deal .
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    Business fiber

    I have residential uncapped WA / octotel Considering moving to a business package for a few months to get a system launched. Does business fiber have a different router / fiber box ? Or is it just a prioritized / less contended connection And is it a noticeable difference in stability ? Thanks
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    WA offline ?

    Their sites down & my fiber went down around 23:00 Anyone else ?
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    External drive question

    I have a question about setting up a speedy external drive. I have a MacBook Pro 2017 with the thunderbolt ports , and I need an external drive, for storing / running linux VM's off. was wondering if a USB 3 external would be fast enough , or if it needs to be an SSD ? But also want the...
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    Pay-once upfront bundle

    I have a 2gb per month "Pay-once upfront" bundle for 12 months, and would like to add another one is it possible to have more than one of these yearly bundles loaded ?
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    Securing online Dev Environment

    I'm looking for a neat way to protect my development / staging servers from public access. I work remotely, so they need to be online, as do my team In a nutshell I want to lock down access to http / https "public" traffic. so that public can't hit the application login screens etc. We use...
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    Trademark symbol

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    Skype Number - SA Alternatives ?

    Not sure if this qualifies as VOIP question. I'm needing to setup a new telephone number for my business, and setting up a local SA Skype Number seems fairly ok. But it won't allow me to set a custom voice message, ( i.e. if I don't take the call, then the caller gets to hear an audio...
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    Can’t get over 100Mbps with 200Mbps fiber

    I have just upgraded my Webafrica /octotel line to 200/200 Speed test spikes around 112 them falls back an settles on 100 Mbps My router is an Archer C2 , have tested with wired an WiFi , both same result. Just wondering if the bottleneck could be the router. Anyone have a C2 on a 200 fiber...
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    Getflix & DSTV Now

    Last couple of days I have noticed that Dstv Now won’t work when using any of the Getflix dns servers. If i remove the getflix dns it just works fine. Wonder why dstv bother doing this Anyone else notice this ?
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    Can a Unifi USG replace a fibre router (PPPoE)

    I have a TP-Link supplied by my ISP, that connects via PPPoE to my fibre account. Was just wondering if the Unifi USG could replace the TP-Link router, and connect with PPPoE thanks
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    Giving out Credit Card info

    I have an invoice from an "old school" company, which i do trust. But they have asked be to provide my Credit Card number, Expiry Date, 3 digit Security code , Billing Address and signature. I haven't been asked for this for about 15 years, is it still an accepted way to ask for payment ?
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    Webmin control panel

    Hi guys and gals So I need to install webmin on an Nginx server with only https open . Ie https://webmin.domain .com:443 Any ideas if this is possible to run webmin a a server block (vhost) Thanks
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    Telkom moving away from copper

    Yesterday Telkom called to say they will be stopping my copper landline service in 30 days, and moving me to a wireless service.apparently due to copper theft. Is this a hoax ?
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    Insert code ( sql, php )into word doc

    Don’t know why but I never get this right. What’s the best way to add code snippets to a word doc. I’ve tried insert object , but it only lists a few ms options . Also need to share the doc with others , so don’t really want to use a plugin Any ideas would be appreciated
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    Penetration Testing

    Can anyone recommend a local company that does penetration testing , GAP assessment etc ? Thanks
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    iPhone battery replacement options

    Apple has just dropped the price of battery replacement to $29 . Anyone know if istore will offer them at this price ? I’m trying to find a replacement battery for a 6s at a decent price
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    Allowing App access to your contacts

    Just trying to figure out, if I have notes for a contact , would these notes also be available to the apps that have access to my contacts? Sometimes I store slightly sensitive info here