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  1. Hectic

    Can I combine Mikrotik with LTE B535 Router to setup a network?

    I want to increase my general knowledge with regards to Mikrotik and RouterOS. I'm planning on doing a couple of online courses and some YouTube videos as guides. I'm using a Wisp(Herotel/IGen) for my internet at home and would prefer not to touch the setup unnecessary at this stage. Can I...
  2. Hectic

    XBox Series X and Takealot

    Did anybody manage to pre-order a new Gen console from Takealot? I refreshed every few seconds and when the pre-order ad eventually displayed, close to about 09:25 instead of 09:00, it said that it wasn't available anymore i I could not add to the basket? Why do I get the feeling that there...
  3. Hectic

    Astro A10 mixamp(M60) wanted.

    Apparently some ASTRO A10's headsets were bundled with M60 mixamps that plugs into an Xbox One controller. Anybody know where I can find one in South Africa (New or used)?
  4. Hectic

    Astro M60 mixamp for XBox one

    Item wanted (be very descriptive):I'm looking for the M60 mixamp that were bundle with some of the ASTRO A10 gaming headsets for XBox One. Not sure if the M70 will work on Xbox One? Is packaging essential?: Not a dealbreaker Desired age and condition: 2 - 3 years Location: Kirkwood, Eastern...
  5. Hectic

    Arduino advice on Button Box / SPDT needed.

    I recently started with Arduino, specifically to build a Button Box for gaming (PS4) purposes. I made use of the Micro Pro / Leonardo which has a 32U4 chip. As it is recognized as an HID device it was perfect for my needs. I mostly used momentary Push Buttons, but added 5 x Momentary SPDT On...