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  1. kombi-man

    Webafrica and their kak.

    So, like everyone else, they doubled up the linespeeds back in Covid days, and I've been on a 50/50 for like a year and a half, and paying the 939-00 per month as well. Friday, I do a line speedtest, and notice I'm back down to 30/30! Check the Website, and this is on the Website. Naturally...
  2. kombi-man

    Any Samsung staff on mybb, or any Cape Town Display dealers - Ultrawide display test.

    I am heavily involved in Sim racing locally, being a Team principal, and a streamer\commentator for some local leagues. My current setup consists of 4 x 24" Dell displays, providing the default triple setup for driving, and then multi app's for streaming and commentary. My current GPU gives...
  3. kombi-man

    No alternative to crappy Webafrica in Parklands. What next?

    Frogfoot are the ONLY fibretothehome operators in my street in Parklands. Is there a way to NOT use Webafrica? Also not entirely sure who is the actual problem, Frogfoot or Webafrica, but, with ZERO support or contactability except a 12 hour plus delayed Whatsapp service, I'm stuck between a...
  4. kombi-man

    How to go about getting a new Fibre Supplier into our road\neighbourhood?

    Hi gents, so as the subject line explains, what's the best way to do this? (And, WHO ARE THEY)? We're in Parklands, Tableview. We are over a barrel here with only Frogfoot in the local area. Lately they have been down and up every day for like, 5 to 6 hours each time. They don't give a ****...
  5. kombi-man

    Any Arduino gurus here - Pls help?

    if anyone here is an Arduino guru, please can you help me.. I'm not. I have a working Arduino Micro board which has 32 buttons connected to it, and which works 100%. I need to add a little piece of code to the bottom of the existing "sketch" I think it's called, which forces a specific button...
  6. kombi-man

    Renewing your vehicle Licence Disc via the COCT Website. Update Sept 2020.

    So thought I'd update others on my recent experience. Ive registered for the e-services portion on the COCT Website. eg: on there, you can get and pay your utility bills for property, rates etc, and a service is there to renew your round vehicle licence disc. Now it makes total sense, as all...
  7. kombi-man

    2015 VW Polo Brake replacement?

    So after saving myself upwards of 8 to 9 Grand from the VW Stealership to replace my Polo's brakes, I'll be doing the job hopefully in the next few days. Fine with the expected process as it's discs all round, and I'm replacing the discs\rotors with new Bosch units as well. Is there any possible...
  8. kombi-man

    Why do these guys not take ownership for their TERRIBLE service? Frogfoot, Vox, Webafrica.. Everyone blames everyone else!

    I'm so gatvol with this telecoms industry as a whole. These fkkers are all torn from the same cloth at the end of the day, just the bloody colours are different every other month! We suffer with the situation that the ONLY current FTTH provider in my area of Parklands\Tableview, is this...
  9. kombi-man

    Does Webafrica reset\drop ports at midnight? Getting dropped in games\streams.

    Hi there, does anyone here know for a fact if Webafrica\Frogfoot cycle ports, switches whatever it is they do just after midnight?? Myself and my son do e-racing online, I do some race streaming and live commentary and this past weekend, he was involved in a 12 hour endurance, which was to end...
  10. kombi-man

    Which stocks etc to double investment over 12 months.

    So with all the covid drama and global market crashes in certain industries, there are are bearish options available, eg: sasol etc. Lets say you you were wondering what to do with a small bonus burning a hole in your current account, what would you look at to try double or more your money...
  11. kombi-man

    Left Afrihost for Webafrica, Same kak service these days.

    I moved from Afrihost a year ago to a "better" ISP. Frogfoot fibre and 20 Mb (now 40 mb) line.. It's pretty much "ok", has decent speed, latency etc.. But, OUT THE BLUE, the line will just go down, for 30 mins to an hour.. For no reason.. Not that I could GIVE you a reason, but, it's just...
  12. kombi-man

    USB Numeric Keypads wanted? 2 to 4 of them?

    Hi guys, hope you're all keeping safe, and healthy. I'm looking for a couple of these, If anyone in Cape Town has any for sale? Must be working, USB, etc.. I recall they were once supplied as an extra with some laptops.. Maybe you've got some lying around.. Just trying my chances. Thanks in...
  13. kombi-man

    Power Up - mid-range Inverters. Opinions.

    Hi guys, I haven't found a thread on these, and was wondering if anyone has perhaps used one, or installed one for a mid-range solution? They have a some decent specifications, and fits well into the gap between Mecer\RCTs etc (sub 2000 Watt) and the proper Axpert\Wall Mounted (greater than...
  14. kombi-man

    Microsoft Photodraw V2 - Disc 2 needed.

    Hey guys, So I realize this is a 15 plus year old Program, but it's still a great piece of Software and works for a specific requirement that I use it for, however, I no longer have my CD's, and urgently require Disc 2 or the 3 CD version if you have a copy.. Please can you let me know. thanks...
  15. kombi-man

    Replacement Bike mirror - specific shape.

    Hey gents, has anyone here got a contact where one can get a replacement glass for a side mirror? Its for my Burgman, so a "generic" is useless. I have a template for the glass to be "cut" to shape. In Cape Town preferably. And no, the stealers only sell the entire electric side mirror at body...
  16. kombi-man

    Upgrading gaming PC, 6 months old.

    I have for sale, my current working\gaming PC innards, as follows: 1 x Gigabyte GA-H110M-DS2 Intel 6TH Generation DDR4 Motherboard (GA-H110M-DS2) with an i7 6700 Mhz CPU. The Motherboard was bought 29th September 2019, so not even 6 months old, and working 100%. (Can supply takealot deets if...
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  18. kombi-man

    Suzuki Burgman 650 Windscreen for sale

    Hi, This is as new, it's a Burgman AN650 Executive Windshield which came off a new Scooter. It's an original part, un-marked, not scratched, and in perfect condition. Brand New, it costs R 10 173-00 from Suzuki South. I've got this one for sale for R 8 000-00. Contact me. COD only. Can send...
  19. kombi-man

    8 Gig DIMMS Wanted.

    Hi Looking for 2 x 8 Gig 2400 Mhz DDR4 DIMMS, pref Cape Town area please. regards Alan
  20. kombi-man

    Esports Racing? Would like to find out more. Anyone here that can comment.

    Howzit, Is anyone in here that is currently active in esports racing, either locally, or Internationally? Eg: Asetto Corsa, etc.. I'm trying to find out more info on what is the proper gear required for this, and how one would go about getting into proper SIM racing events. I've been browsing...