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    Which co-locating cross-connect fibre provider would you recommend?

    I am in the final stages of self-provisioning and co-location planning and need to decide which fibre provider I need to partner with. I have no idea of prices yet, but will start with a 1GB/s, uncapped 1:1 fibre link. Which would you suggest, based on price, QoS, etc.? I will need 99% local...
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    Hyper-V to, is it possible?

    Is it at all possible to convert/migrate an existing/production Microsoft Hyper-V VM(s) with Windows Server as the OS to Canonical's It is possible to create a new VM with Windows Server as the VM OS on MaaS, but I am unable to clearly identify whether there is a migration...
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    New keyboard for an Asus x541u keyboard

    So, a client of mine is desperately looking for a new keyboard for her Asus x541u. She sanitized it to the point that several keys won work. Including the power button. Anyone know where in SA I can order on from, locally? EBay and Amazon has weeks for ETA. Yes, she is using an external...
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    Is there a B&M thread for DSTVNow?

    B&M, bitch&moan Since this afternoon my Google Chromecast Ultra refuse to accept casting from DSTVnow. No issues with Showmax. WTaF? Also described here by someone else: There use to be a forum, but I recall it being shutdown...
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    Is it just Monday murkyness...?

    So I was reading through the list on below mentioned thread. Got sidetracked, closed my browser, but saved it under my favorites. Now it is gone, nowhere to be found...?! Am I missing something?
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    The Cure Concert, Kenilworth, CT. What is the seating in the golden circle arrangements?

    Last time I was at a concert was U2's in a stadium in Jo'burg. Our party of 6 is attending the The Cure concert on the 21st at Kenilworth. I just cannot find whether one are allowed to take camping chairs, umbrellas or cooler boxes in? The show start at 12 with a long line up of SA bands. Surely...