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    Amazon Unveils First of Its Own Smart TVs, Will Bring TikTok to Fire TV in U.S. and Canada

    Source: TV Specs:
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    The Case for Fiber to the Home, Today: Why Fiber is a Superior Medium for 21st Century Broadband

    Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation
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    H.266 Codec Promises to Reduce Video File Sizes by Half

    Source: More at the link
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    COVID-19 vaccines may trigger superimmunity in people who had SARS long ago

    Source: Link to study:
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    World’s Largest Solar-Powered Battery Is Now 75% Complete

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    3dfx Interactive Acquired By Jansen Products, Returning After 20 Years With Major GPU Announcements This Week

    Source: Original twitter post with the news:
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    Own ONT support

    I will hopefully be able to order fiber in September, depending on when FF goes live in Darling. I have a Ubiquiti network, and like to extent this to the ONT. Is this supported by FF/CI? If it is, which specific model should I get (UF-Nano/Loco)? I assume is does not really matter?
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    Asrock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 - BIOS 4.40 released

    For those with this motherboard and older CPUs. There are no warning about CPU releases for this BIOS version: I therefor asked them if I would be able to update to this BIOS release or not. Their reply is: So, it should have had the same warning/caution as the previous release (can be seen...
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    Samsung's 512GB DDR5 module is a showcase for the future of RAM

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    Path of Exile

    I checked latency to their servers out of interest, and to my surprise found that Australia actually offer the best ping. What is your results and provider? Provider: MTN LTE Australia: 30ms London: 211ms (typically 170ms in game)
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    World-first home hydrogen battery stores 3x the energy of a Powerwall 2

    Source: There are plenty of negatives to this technology, but it is still early days.
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    Brave becomes first browser to add native support for the IPFS protocol

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    Windows 10 bug corrupts your hard drive on seeing this file's icon

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    Ariel Nomad R (2020) review: super charger

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    SpaceX registers Starlink as a company in South Africa, pending operation license

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    A win for the 'right to repair' as Competition Commission publishes key guidelines

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    We Need a Broadband Internet Pricing Equivalent of Nutrition Labels

    Source: FCC link to proposed labels:
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    Forgotten Connaught Type-D had a supercharged 2.0-litre V10 engine

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    OpenView OnDemand and youtube-dl

    I did a quick test out of curiosity to see if youtube-dl would be able to stream the content from OpenView: $ youtube-dl [generic] expendables-3: Requesting header WARNING: Falling back on generic information extractor. [generic]...
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    Nokia-branded Android TV box is official, packing a remote drowning in buttons