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  1. muisnes

    Will drafted by Bank

    Not in an Indian family so we are short a doctor, but there are a couple of lawyers :laugh: AFAIK there is no need for an affidavit or to have a will notarized in SA law. As long as the testator includes a clause revoking previous wills and signs every page in front of 2 witnesses, who may not...
  2. muisnes

    Will drafted by Bank

    I would not have the bank do it. They will take the maximum fees they legally can: 3.5% (and VAT) of the gross value of the estate and 6% (and VAT) of all income received after your death. My dad died in 2016 and nominated his conveyancing attorney as executor. Max fees all the way, including...
  3. muisnes

    Poll: Second property, separate bond or equity from primary property.

    Always Separate bond Main reason is SARS. You will pay tax on income from a second property. You can deduct interest paid on the bond of said property to reduce the income (which reduces the amount of taxes due). No deduction allowed for payments made towards your primary property’s bond...
  4. muisnes

    Estates resolution advice

    This is a pretty standard clause in most wills I’ve seen or heard of. It means that whatever the heirs have inherited according to the testament cannot be claimed in any way or form by their spouses regardless of the manner of the heir’s marriage. It is a way of protecting the legacy after it...
  5. muisnes

    Offer to purchase question

    The non-franchised agencies have much more leeway in lowering their commission. Choose one of these (or at least one where the agent is also the principal of the agency) and negotiate a lower price due to a reduction in commission.
  6. muisnes

    Offer to purchase question

    Clearance figures was paid today. Guess I'm playing some hurry up and wait between the muni and Deeds Office.
  7. muisnes

    Selling a house - bond freeze?

    This is also what we experienced on selling. And don't forget to cancel the property insurance after transfer. We also received a refund from Guardrisk (OOBA).
  8. muisnes

    Support Small Business?

    I agree with most of what you have said. Price is king and bad service should never be supported financially. With that said... I live in a small plattelandse dorpie by choice. Money spent locally at small business is money feeding the owners and paying their employees’ salaries - friends of...
  9. muisnes

    Debt review account out of hand

    The amount of accrued interest on outstanding debt may not be more than the capital amount due. Google the in duplum rule
  10. muisnes

    If you left South Africa where would you go?

    The wife was born in Walvis. On our next trip there we’ll stop by the Home Affairs in Swakop to get her birth certificate & then ID and passport. We looking at making a move to Nam one day
  11. muisnes

    Cape Town Deeds Office

    FWIW I had a property sale that went: 21/03/05 - Lodged 21/03/11 - At Prep 21/03/15 - Registration
  12. muisnes

    ASUS Transformer Book T101H

    Item: ASUS Transformer Book 2in1 T101H with sleeve for tablet Age: 3 years old, used for 1 Condition: Very good Do you include packaging: Yes. In original box Warranty: No Reason for selling: Currently unused - replaced Price: R2300 Location: Swellendam Collection: Yes Shipping: Yes on you...
  13. muisnes

    Offer to purchase question

    They agreed to sell at 100k more than our offer and we are happy to give it. It is gonna be a long wait to Monday to get it all in writing. Being from Germany the sellers want their attorney to go over the offer before they sign.
  14. muisnes

    Offer to purchase question

    So we put in an offer on a house in Nov last year conditional to the sale of our house & a partial bond. Bond sorted in 7 days at prime -1.12% at ABSA through OOBA. But our place did not sell before the 31 Dec deadline & the place we were looking at was sold 10 days after that. Kept our house...
  15. muisnes

    Offer to purchase question

    Mine is also at Ooba. They are underwritten by Guardrisk which is a part of Momentum Metropolitan