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    What the heck is going on in the Arch Universe?

    The Arch universe seems to be embattled with technical issues like key servers and the AUR servers going on the fritz more often these days. I use an Arch based system every now and again, and I generally like Arch/Manjaro - however the last kernal update(non-LTS version) took a week longer due...
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    Window Managers

    Do any of you use an Alternative WM like awesome or Xmonad? I recently gave Xmonad a shot and it is pretty cool, however it comes with a bunch of pitfalls which I think the average user will find frustrating. - If you are not familiar with scripting or basic coding, you will likely get lost in...
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    Laptop Docks

    Does anyone know where I find a decent Laptop Dock that can support 2+ screen and has support for most laptop/notebooks?
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    Freelancing - Tax related

    I would like to know what are the tax related issues with free lancing while being employed full-time. Is a second salary taxable even though it may be infrequent? Would it be better to register a small business and try and keep my total earnings below R79k as those business are not taxed. I do...
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    Paying things ahead of time

    December is coming and I am budgeting now already as I will be off for longer that I expected. I would like to ask if there are any risks in paying your expenses ahead of time? I am aware that my RA cannot be paid ahead as it will be increased in the month of Jan, but I have already worked...
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    Official release date of Ubuntu 19.10?

    As the thread title says, Does anyone know when Ubuntu 19.10 will be made available? So far only the Beta is available
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    Chrome/Chromium and its Child Processes??

    Simple question... Upon booting up Chromium I noticed that just to keep the program idle, it will use about 200MB of RAM. When I start using the browser I noticed that Chrome/Chromium spawns off a bunch of processes which use small amounts of RAM - can be as much as 10 small processes using...
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    How much does a Fibre network actually cost

    I would like to inquire, how much does a Fibre network actually cost to install? From backhaul up until the last mile(Before customer property), including all necessary equipment needed
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    Old PC tech - Server components

    I have recently come to acquire a Sun 360/1 server, it is complete and as far as I can see, everything is here. I need some help finding parts - I am not sure what is or is not working, the unit will not boot any further than it's BIOS. Does anyone know where I could find parts at reasonable...
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    Root Kits - Kirin 710 SOC

    That's it - I'm bored. After Scouring the net for Root Kits for my device, I have come up empty - which is what I expected. I would to dig into my phone a little more. I have Terminux on my device already, and it does give me some access to the OS backend. I want the Kernal now -...
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    Blue lights to stay awake.

    Good Day, I am currently doing a lot work at home, and often I need to stay awake for a lot longer than what I need too - this is difficult at times. I have recently read a study that blue light can help keep you awake as it stops the release of melatonin. I do not mind pulling all nighters...
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    Whatsapp "desktop" app

    I would like to build a desktop style application for whatsapp which will run on Linux. I would like to know how I can go about doing this. I have researched and read that Atom was build using Electron and it is essential just a browser based type Text editor running in a "featureless...
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    Is this normal?

    As of late I have been rewriting a lot of Code in C, as I am more often than not either not interested in writing Python any longer or I am bored while writing code. I am REALLY enjoying C/C++ is there any reason for this? I find the language easy to read, fun, I like how strict it is the only...
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    I would like to get away from Mint and move to an more Unix-y Linux. I have had a look at the following Distros: - Slackware - Arch - Kali(I have become curious about using Kali for its intended purpose) - A flavour of Ubuntu. Preferably I would like something lighter, with less bloat and...
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    Simple question...

    Floating point== Logarithm or am I seeing things ps. im really bad at maths
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    RISC, why did it never make it to larger Computing systems?

    As per thread title, I would like to know why RISC type processors never crossed over to larger computing systems, like servers, laptops and desktop pc's During my journey to becoming a software developer, I became curious and started researching CISC vs RISC and compiler design and how...
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    PowerPivot alternative for Linux

    Is there an application that can make use of PowerPivot, or an alternative to Powerpivot while still maintaining all of the features of pwerpivot for Linux. I am aware I can boot up windows in a Dock simply for Excel and Powerpivot, however I do not have the faintest idea on how to get my...
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    New P20 Purchase

    @Huawei Has anyone purchase a new Mate 20 Lite within this week? I would just like to find if you received a free gift upon purchase. I received a rather quality 6700mah Power bank, Huawei made. If so, list what you got below and where you purchased the device. Place of Purchase: Canal...
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    Newton Mail

    Good Day All! I would like to find out if there any alternatives to Newton Mail as I have only just picked up that the App and service it offers has now been discontinued ( I saw this on a few Medium articles, cannot get the links due to company firewalling), so another confirmation of this...