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    Telkom eSIM support launching in August

    Would be great if Vodacom could also join the party with esim support for Smart Phones. Some days they really are useless to say the least.
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    Concerns over powership electricity prices

    I assume you are referring to a wholesale price as we are paying R2.21/kwh and with the new increase this will go to R2.54/kwh.
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    Concerns over powership electricity prices

    Maybe i am miscalculating here, however it looks to me that based on the R218 billion cost, we will be paying R1.04 per Kwh over the next 20 years. Please let me know if i made a mistake in my calculations. 1200MW is 1200000Kwh. This is supplied 24/7. So there are 8760 hours in the year. This...
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    Why South Africa is using powerships to combat energy shortage

    you are better off investing in solar and go off grid, especially if you are a big power user. Any person paying more than R4k a month in electricity will find solar a viable alternative. The problem comes with low power users where the capital expenditure is not justified over a 10 year period...
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    MTN 5G is here - Prices and coverage

    It doesn't make sense to buy the unlimited option even with the device. You can buy the device at R2499 which over a 36 month period will cost you R69.44 per month. By taking a 200gb package and then buying the modem you will save R2900 over the 36 month period or R1100 over 24 months.
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    1Gbps fibre on Openserve

    One can only hope! :laugh::ROFL:
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    1Gbps fibre on Openserve

    Hi all, Anyone know if Openserve will be offering Fibre at 1Gbps or even 500Mbps? Thanks!
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    WACS cable break - Slow SA Internet speeds

    What i cannot understand is why is it that due to this one cable going down all of a sudden everything slows down. It is not like we do not have more cables around to reroute? Don't the ISP's have redundancy built in? Does no one use Seacom anymore?
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

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    Telkom says it is not losing the fibre war

    With the other providers offering up to 1000mbps links no wonder people are leaving Telkom. Also the price difference of a 100mbps link on Openserve / Telkom vs Octotel is up to 30%. If i had the option i would go with anyone other than openserve.
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

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