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    Debt review account out of hand

    Hi guys. I am here asking for advice on behalf of someone. Maybe the big brains here can provide some ideas. Thanking you in advance. A family member, lets call them JR, unfortunately had to go under debt review in 2015. One of the accounts included in the program, at the time of...
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    Solve for Samsung Galaxy "Not Registered on Network"

    Hey guys, I see a number of threads referring to Samsung devices and the "Not Registered on Network" Error. My S4 pulls the same trick now and then. But what I find really odd is that it is always when I enter the Northgate/Sharonlea area. (:wtf: :confused:) Usually a reboot sorted it...
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    TIP: Check if a phone is fake or not

    Hi guys, A number of people have asked how they can check if that used phone they're interested in buying is the real deal or not. So, herewith some pointers for those interested. It's not 100% foolproof, but may just reveal some things: 1. Always ask the seller for the IMEI number of the...
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    Blackberry Battery?? At a reasonable price??

    Hey guys Been having some phone issues recently where my phone kept switching off. It's a cheappie...Blackberry 8520. Anyway, so I've tested it with another (the wife's) battery, and the problem went away....EUREKA!!! I need to replace the Anyway, I've been looking...