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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    Geewiz website now states * Free Shipping over R550*
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    MyGica 495x any good?

    To do just that and use it for IPTV maybe, and maybe load a free VPN and muck about. Chromecasts do have the VPN problem...
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    MyGica 495x any good?

    Does Aptoide still work on this device? How would one be able to install it from a factory reset, since the browser wouldn't work because of lack of Google Certification I presume? I take it one would need to install stuff through USB if this is still possible? Question, does this device still...
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    Home Connecta Flexi

    Contemplating upgrading the Huawei B315 router which is CAT 4 to a Huawei B525/535 etc. What are the highest speeds people get on Home Connecta Flexi? I average probably 30 download & 20 upload or a bit more. Highest download once was in the 50's
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    Home Connecta Flexi

    Get it sorted at a CellC shop.
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    DStv Flex - MultiChoice's plan for a configurable DStv Premium service

    Everybody have always said we have it good with DSTV compared to other parts of the world where you ultimately pay for add-on packages and pay per view sporting events, whereas with DSTV we get an all included product at a certain price which ultimately works out cheaper. So I think DStv is not...
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    Big monitors and media boxes to replace your TV and DStv decoder

    Dongle derivatives of the SEI400 like the EKO and SmartVu ( or in the US the TiVo Stream 4K ) offered on Takealot are a better buy than the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick/Box S , and Ematic if not going for the Chromecast with Google TV.
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    Affordable new Rain uncapped 5G package for R499 per month

    Didn't you cancel Rain 5G? Why, if so? Saw a thread you created regarding cancellation issues.
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    Affordable new Rain uncapped 5G package for R499 per month

    Having have had Vumatel fibre, and moving to CellC Home Connecta Flexi prepaid , this offer from Rain would be my next stop if CellC discontinues Home Connecta Flexi. Anything under R500 is cool for my data usage for the usual streaming options, and general use.
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    Good and bad LPG dealers

    Ordered late afternoon on the 7th of September and delivered today the 8th , R540 for 19kg, and R60 delivery fee - all in for R600.
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    RAIN won't let me cancel. I'm being held against my will!!!

    Can we ever expect a genuine pre-paid service from RAIN? Buying and Rica a SIM from a retailer, loading airtime, selecting a package and that's it. That kind of thing.
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    Does Per Gig Billing still exist?

    This was a conversation on Gumtree regarding a Huawei B315 LTE router for sale. @rain_mobile , would this " contract " then have been nonsense?
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    Dstv Now

    So previously one could cast DStv Now from Chrome Browser on an Android Phone to circumvent the phone needing to be a registered device on the Dstv Now app? I tried it the other day, and it didn't work. So it worked previously...damn. Is this issue now on PC as well?
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    Using the R1,700 Xiaomi Redmi 9A for a week - surprisingly functional

    Adequate for me and no lagging or freezing or whatever else some other users on this forum experience. It is a daily driver - for emails etc, and it gets to cast DstvNow, Showmax, Stremio, Web Video Caster, apks like CinemaHD etc and even IPTV lists where it needs to transcode. A VPN with BBC...
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    [RELEASE] DStv Now KODI Add-on

    Anybody running this on a Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, and does it function properly? Just asking.
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    Good and bad LPG dealers

    Durbanville Gas Centre : refill for 19kg - R540, plus R60 delivery fee. Any better options for the Durbanville, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town area?
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    WiFi security cameras

    2x TP-LINK Tapo C100 at Cash Converters Cape Gate for R299 each - saw it in the window walking past. If anybody is interested. Thought it is not bad, can maybe negotiate further, not sure how they operate at Cash Converters. Edit: This was Wednesday afternoon.
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    Pinelands EMS Vaccination Site - Cape Town

    Know about the 42 days time period, was not sure about when the actual counting starts. I will act on the dates given on the vaccination card then.
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    Pinelands EMS Vaccination Site - Cape Town

    Got the 1st Pfizer vaccination dose on 17 July, and due for the 2nd dose between 28 August and 4 September according to my vaccination card. My question - will I be able to get the 2nd dose on 27( or even 26 ) August? 41 days got mentioned by @medicnick83