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    Afrihost Cell C network problems

    I am creating this new thread with a more specific title (after investigating the issue further) so that people can easily find this when browsing the forum. There currently exists and issue with the Fixed Cell C package offered by Afrihost. The symptoms are random connection disconnects, resets...
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    Part time senior software engineer for hire - updated

    Ok guys, lots of views but no hits. I removed the hourly rate. I willing to negotiate on rate. I am trying to get a side gig going so I am flexible in that regard. Please contact me to have a discussion. I am sure I can provide great value. I'm a senior software engineer with 12+ years...
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    Cell C fixed LTE data throughput experience

    Good morning, I got the Cell C fixed LTE package from Afrihost earlier this week and at the moment I am feeling disappointed. My downstream throughput is between 3 and 6 Mbps and the upstream between 5 and 10 Mbps. Is this normal? I was hoping for 20Mbps or 15Mbps at a bare minimum. I am in...
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    Telkom LTE Cloudflare I'm not a robot challenges everywhere

    Hi peoples, I recently started having the issue where I'm getting cloudflare and other "I'm not a robot" challenges all over the internet. Even google. This is isolated to my Telkom fixed LTE connection. And believe me, I don't have any unusual traffic coming from my machine. Mainly just...
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    Vodacom to Telkom smooth port experience

    Hi everyone. I noticed a couple of posts regarding bad Telkom porting experiences. I have been meaning to port to Telkom from Vodacom since the Free Me packages was announced. I was hesitant due to the mentioned posts, but decided to bite the bullet. I can't be more impressed than I am at...