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    Euro 2020 no face masks needed?

    Has anyone watched some of the games? I have seen full stadiums with no face masks. I guess some EU countries are passed all these waves. What is this magic we are missing?
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    COJ water consumption issue

    Should COJ be billing a complex on a sliding scale for water in a sectional title such as a flat or complex? They are currently doing this and it puts the water bill very high as there are many flats/apartments which will push the bulk of the usage to the highest sliding scale rate. Tried...
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    Liquor Shops Open Today

    Anyone find shops open not knowing of the ban from last night? I'm pretty sure there were a few and maybe some still open?
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    FNB down?

    Is FNB down, having issues logging in
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    Renewing Drivers License - Online

    I see you cant just walk in to the licensing offices now to renew your license, has anyone does theirs recently using the website to book their appointment. I tried booking mines it is saying there may be outstanding warrant of arrest but allows me to continue...
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    standard bank credit card

    Anyone have a standard bank credit card and settle in full before month end to save on interest? Are you being charged the credit insurance every month? As far as I understand if you settle in full you should not be charged this?
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    Car Insurance - Letter of Demand

    Would like to find out can a 3rd party insurance company hold you liable for a motor vehicle accident that you were not involved in? If I for example borrowed my cousin a vehicle for a month and he was involved in a bumper bashing, now 10 months later get an email with a letter of Demand from an...