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    Intalling new Harddrive.

    Recently bought a Samsung HD502HI,I connected the 2 SATA cables (the red one and the black power one).Now the problem is that i don't know what to do now,My PC picks it up (in device manager)but it doesn't show in MyComputer (i can't add data to it because i can't find it).I tried windows auto...
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    Mweb uncapped 4mbps speed fail.

    I'm trying to figure out whats wrong with my Mweb speed both INT and local are more or less 300Kbps when i should be getting 4mbps. SpeedTest Local: SpeedTest International: So what am i paying R600...
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    instantaction have fun,each game takes very long to load the first time but once thats done u can play as much as u want well until your cap runs out (route sentry might be really usefull here)
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    Laptop trouble

    my Business laptop has being exstremely slow for the past few days with a CPU usage of 92%,it's a Acer model,the onboard touch mouse screen and onboard keyboard are also glitcy,the keyboard doesn't respond good,you have to press a key hard for 3 seconds before it responds and the onboard mouse...
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    Do u Pirate games?

    if u do,awnser with yes and whatever u want to say if u only buy pirated games,awnser with maybe and your say if u do not,then say no and whatever u want to say with that if u hate pirates and ppl who buy pirated games,then let it all out here. i for one buy pirated games,and on a rare...
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    Mass Effect performance

    i need help from someone who has Mass Effect,the game's graphics doesn't look right i know my graphic card is hight enough it's a Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT,but the game graphics look a bit blurry and doesn't seem right,is this how the game should look or should the graphics be better?
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    WOW comercial
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    Left 4 Dead Problem

    straight to the point:whenever i try to play online it just gives me this error in-game
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    Does anyone have a Trackmania nations United key i can have

    like the tittle says,i will trade it for any of my other games cd keys:D
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    i can't wait to play it online and by the screenshots i've seen it's going to be awesome,i'm really a zombie fan!!!!:D:D:D
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    Buying WoW:advice needed

    i am thinking about buying WoW but i don't know anything about it beside the fact that it's awesome,i need advice on what it needs and such: How much cap does it take per hour?: can it be played SA local such as when i'm capped?: what specs does it need?: how much is there to do online in...
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    PC DVD Rom Problem

    Hi,my PC DVD rom broke recently after i inserted the new NAG dvd,the disc says NAG jan 2009 but there is nothing inside i tried inserting other DVD's but they just read as blank discs,this is not the first time i had a problem with a NAG disc some of my friends also have the same problem but...
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    Sites For Completely Free And LOCAL Software!

    Paste links for Completely free and LOCAL software.EDIT: oh yeah and it must be legal :p
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    Fallout 3 add-on pack V1.5

    so yeah this pack is pretty awesome:),to bad my Gcard will only be fixed by next next monday:(,,a very easy way to get this pack is to buy the Jan NAG mag which added the pack to their dvd..
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    White dog comment hate speece

    What good is police if they are the criminals
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    Grapic Problem HELP!!!!

    i have a problem with my Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT,i was tinkering with the settings is the nvidia control panel to set up multible display (know it's spelled wrong) after using the option force TV detection it asked me to restart my PC wich i did after that PC was showing on TV and everything...
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    tremulous LAN (SA local)

    Download: how to play: open the game a screen should appear which has 3 options (play,mods and exit) click on play then open the console ( ~ (which is left to 1 on the keyboard)) the enter( connect ) the game should start even if you are...
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    Mount & Blade

    Hey who on the forum has Mount & Blade
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    Fallout3 Lag

    Hi,Fallout 3 on my PC won't run smoothly i have a Nvidea8600 Grapic card,the game ran very good when i got it but in the game window when i clicked the live button Fallout 3 sud began to lag i tried reinstalling fallout3 but with no results please can anyone help me get a fix for this?
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    C&C 3 tib wars multiplayer error

    ok long story made short i have been playing LAN against my friends 5 min into the game the game throws the error(out of syth/sytch with the other players you may not have the same version as the host please restart C&C3 to avoid syth/sytch again) which i did restart and we all made sure we had...