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    Telkom criticises ICASA's spectrum plan

    Telkom submitted its application .... along with Cell C, Liquid, MTN, Rain and Vodacom ....
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    MTN and Vodacom could face legal action over Kinnear murder - Legal expert

    Good article - but misses the obvious criminal offence in terms of RICA: Section 14 only allows the provision of real-time communication-related information upon written authorisation given by the customer "on each occasion". Communication-related information includes "the location of the user".
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    SIU seizes Transnet executive's houses, farm, and 35 cars

    Nice Jamie You managed to resurrect a 7 year old SABC article and insert it like a sore thumb in the middle of this article ..... quoting a shadow minister who left parliament over a year ago ....
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping 188ms Download 83.55Mbps Upload 28.72Mbps ISP: none. DIA at a conference bwa ha ha
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    Recommendation for a home LAN installer

    Hi folks I realise it may be seriously uncool to even suggest bringing in an outsider and not running this as a DIY project, but I lack the time, the patience, the practical know-how and quite possibly the skill. I need to get a home LAN set-up. Medium-sized house - but loads of concrete...