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  1. Pixual

    LF: Hyundai Gas Lifters For Tucson

    Apart from Hyundai themselves, does anybody know where I can get some of the gas lifter things that hold the boot open for an original model Tucson? I am in Durban and need these things like yesterday (tired of having a headache every time I walk away from the vehicle.
  2. Pixual

    No Connection On Rain - Durban Berea

    Awoke I this morning without a usable Rain connection. Rebooted the router a few times. No change. Logged into the router to see which tower I was connected to and a brand new CID shows that is totally different to what I normally see. Did the check thing on that Unwired Labs site and it...
  3. Pixual

    Best Practice For Home Network With 2 LTE Routers?

    Apologies if this has been covered before - I don't really know too much about networking so not sure what to search for. Basically I have two LTE routers in my home. One has the Rain 19/7 unlimited sim in it (Huawei B318) and the other has the Afrihost/MTN sim (Huawei B618) which I use only...
  4. Pixual

    Help! LG Smart TV Reformatted My HDD.

    I was getting very annoyed with Plex yesterday when I couldn't get my LG Smart TV to connect to it (long story), so I decided to just plug my 1TB external HDD into the USB of the TV and play the movie I wanted to watch from there. It worked, no issue. Then, I went back to my old Mac Mini that...
  5. Pixual

    Do Not Upgrade To Rain's Uncapped 4G Service!

    I waited 8 days to upgrade from Rain's 19 hours unlimited to 24 hours unlimited. They finally activated it this morning. Immediately I was unable to stream anything. No YouTube, no Netflix, no DStv. This is appalling! Do not upgrade - it is a major downgrade and disappointment. I have asked to...
  6. Pixual

    Afrihost MTN LTE Is Vrot

    My MTN fixed LTE sim just stopped working for me at about 3pm today. I know because Netflix just stopped feeding me a picture. I see full signal both on the router and when I log in. Can't connect to any sites. I have been using it intermittently since early December and full time since the 1st...
  7. Pixual

    Dear Rain, Riddle Me this:

    That's my latest Speetest. Looks great, right? So why the **** am I not able to stream anything without it buffering? Netflix, Showmax, YouTube, AppleTV+? All of them will degrade or simply stop mid-picture. So, I thought I would be clever and download the shows I watch from Torrents. Ha...
  8. Pixual

    Dear Rain

    You make me sick. That is all.
  9. Pixual

    Home Affairs: Can I collect my family's passports & Smart ID's?

    Here in Durban dealing with Home Affairs is not dissimilar to having open heart surgery. Whilst awake. After 4 attempts to apply for passports and smart ID's at various offices in and around Durban, we were finally able to get our applications processed at Park Rynie on the South Coast (about...
  10. Pixual

    Rain Shaping YouTube Speeds?

    Over the past week or two I have been experiencing abnormal streaming rates on YouTube and it's starting to frustrate me because this shouldn't be happening at all. I have great d/l and u/l speeds (avg 20/20Mbps) and there are no problems streaming from any other service, including Showmax...
  11. Pixual

    Pre-RICA'd sim from Vodacom

    I went into a local Vodacom store last week to get a new pre-paid sim card for a spare phone I have. Took in all the required docs and asked the staff member there to help me. He disappeared in the back, came out with a sealed starter pack and put it in a bag for me. I offered him my docs for...
  12. Pixual

    No Rain internet connectivity in Durban Berea this morning

    Woke up and there is nothing to connect to. Modem says there is 100% signal. Rebooted, checked again, Nothing. Changed network type to 1800, nothing. Changed to 2400, nothing. Switched off again, nothing. I sure miss the internet, Afrihost!
  13. Pixual

    MTN Can't Provide ITC Number On New Phone

    We have had an MTN contract for a couple of years for our son. Last month we took an early device upgrade for a Huawei P30 Pro. Unfortunately this phone was stolen a couple of days ago. We are now trying to get an ITC number from MTN so that we can claim for the loss on our insurance. They are...
  14. Pixual

    Avoid Cell C Fixed LTE product

    Their network can't cope with the demand. Not in Central Durban at least. The speeds are so slow in the evening for me that I can't even surf the net, let alone try to stream Netflix. :(
  15. Pixual

    What is this ResiNet from Mitsol?

    I got this flyer in my postbox the other day which led me to this site. Seems I have coverage but I don't know what kind of service this is. Doesn't appear to be a fibre or LTE network. Can't see any threads on myBB that have anything to do with it...
  16. Pixual

    The Sad Story Of Axxess' Cell C LTE Service

    If you are looking to order anything from Axxess and you just so happen to be on their database from like years ago and your email address has changed, be warned that trying to set up a new account with them is going to put your teeth on edge. I thought I would give the Cell C LTE product they...
  17. Pixual

    iPhone 4 on Cell C?

    Does Cell C support the iPhone 4 at all? Are there limitations? I have read that speed wise I can only expect it to be EDGE and not the full HSDPA speed. Really need to get away from Vodascum and would like to avoid MTN if possible.
  18. Pixual

    Vodacom: NO SERVICE

    I am having some major issues with my iPhone 4 and Vodacom over the past three or four weeks. At least once a day I discover that my phone displays NO SERVICE where it should be showing me my signal strength. It never restores itself and I have to reboot the phone to pick up signal again. A...
  19. Pixual

    iP4 with Cell C?

    Are there any pitfalls or will my iP4 work properly on CellC if I port to them from Vodacom? Specifically thinking about APN settings, etc.
  20. Pixual

    4096 international speeds ridiculous

    I have been experiencing speeds slower than dialup intermittently with my Axxess Lite account for over two weeks, mostly during the day. Tickets submitted to their support department are just ignored, or replied to with disdain. Here's a speedtest to Houston Texas taken earlier today: It's...