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    Travel around or through Gauteng?

    So we booked a Durban holiday for the school holidays but to get there we need to get the the other side of Gauteng. According to the gazette "transiting through gauteng" is allowed but according to our minister of police "everybody that will be getting out of or in will have a permit". So what...
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    Soundbar buying advice

    Recently bought a new TV and am trying to get a more "cinematic experience". Would like something with some surround sound effect. Have been looking at these virtual surround sound (doubt if it will be any good) and true 5.1 system. At a budget of around R5000, what would you buy?
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    VW TSI problems

    So I finally decided to get the Tiguan's (2011 turbo only) common (jerky acceleration, Low boost error etc.) wastegate problem sorted... The mechanic wants to replace the whole turbo (R20000+), replacing a lot of parts that isn't broken. Does anyone know of a different way to fix this? Any...