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    Has anyone ordered a Laptop through Amazon?

    I am looking to order a laptop through amazon, as i can get it cheaper than here in South Africa. I am looking to get the Acer Aspire 5 so i was wondering if anyone has ordered a laptop through amazon and if acer will include a warranty for SA.
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    Does supersonic uncapped LTE have a FUP

    Hi everyone. I am looking to get supersonic lte before the deal ends, but first i nees to know if it is true uncapped, or is it limited to 10mbs/s?
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    Satellite Internet Resellers? who to use

    Hi. What componies offer reseller packages for Satellite internet?
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    How to start reselling Internet: Telkom LTE and MTN LTE

    Hi everyone. So im looking to start a small business in the IT industry and thought that reselling internet can be an added service I offer. Just want to find out where do I start with applying for a resellers account? Can be for other networks aswell(not limited, to Telkom LTE and MTN...