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    Samsung Galaxy A30s , 128GB limited edition - sealed

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name (be very descriptive): Samsung Galaxy A30s , 128GB limited edition - sealed Age and condition: brand new Do you include packaging: Yes/No; packaged Warranty: Yes/No; Samsung warranty Reason for selling: got one on Black friday from Vodacom- not required Price...
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    Laptop needed

    Have about R10k for a laptop. Let's see what you've got.
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    Advanced exchange trading - scam?

    Just got a call from someone who desperately wants me to spend "30-40 minutes" with one of their consultants. They "help people to invest in the stock market" with "guaranteed returns of 25-40% in six months". So I ask them what kind of a scam is this, no one can guarantee those returns. The...
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    Uncapped options

    Mate of mine is looking around for uncapped solutions. Any pointers on which ISP's he should try/avoid thx
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    DSTV cheaper in Soweto?

    Heard a rumour this weekend that you can legitimately(ie through multichoice) get full DSTV for +-R200 but its only being advertised in soweto. Anyone else heard anything?
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    Want to buy xbox

    Anybody know of good deals on the go at the moment?
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    HD DSTV and ghosting

    I have noticed some serious ghosting on the HD DSTV channel whenever most of the screen is dark and you have smaller light parts moving around. First time I saw this was with some mediocre horror movie where obviously screens are mostly dark with only the characters faces lit up. Saw it again...
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    knockoff city in pta?

    Any places in pta similar to knockoff city opposite East rand mall?
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    Expected Connection speeds when using phone as 3g modem

    Have three Sony Ericsson phones: W880, w910 and p990, and cant get better than 460.8Kbps connection. W910 specifically states it has HSDPA capabilities No diffs between using bluetooth or usb to connect phone to pc. Have tried at different sites and still no improvement. 1.Should I...
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    Wi-Fi advice req

    Moved into a new flat in centurion and finally got ADSl sorted again. Got a zyxel modem from telkom and would prefer to access inet via wifi on desktop as opposed to running UTP all over the place. Need advice on WIFI access options for Pc: 1. USB vs PCI 2. any specific brand to use/stay away...