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    Business card scanner apps - reccos wanted

    I used CardMunch on iOS until it got killed. You simply took a photo of a business card, it got uploaded to who-knows-where and came back to the app as a perfectly formatted iOS contact. All of this happened for exactly zero ZAR (except for the minimal data use of course). Now the app is no...
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    Which iStore

    Reccos please: at which iStore am I likely to be helped quicker and better for my iPhone 6 plus upgrade? VodacomWorld or Centurion Mall?
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    Cellular data connection required to play downloadedpodcasts

    Lately my iPhone 5S is insisting on having a connection to the internet (WiFi is seamless) When out of wifi range a message pops up requesting the use of cellular data to resume playing a podcasts. All this on a podcast that has been downloaded already. Any hints?
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    The ultimate iPhone case

    Recently I asked here for opinions on the real world performance of the iPhone (specifically the 4S in my case) when it comes to the scratchability of the glass. I then made up my mind that as much I love to see and feel the device as it was designed, I do need to protect it. I found a...
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    Use for bricked iPhone 3G

    My iPhone 3G inadvertently bricked itself. Any suggestions for what to with it besides giving to the kids as a toy.
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    GTD on iPhone and Outlook

    I use the GTD Outlook add-in and am looking for an iPhone app that will sync with Outlook and also allow full featured entry on my iPhone. Any suggestions?
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    TOMTOM iPhone maps

    The TomTom app for iPhone looks interesting. How often are map updates made available? At what cost?
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    MicroSIM woes

    The speaker (on the front where you put your ear) on my iPhone4 decided to die on me. Vodacom normally takes 7-10 working days before you get your iPhone back. Normally this would not bother me too much as I have spare phones around the house. This time though I don't have anything that will...
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    iPhone 3G loses time

    After syncing with iTunes, my iPhone 3G's time is 9 minutes behind the laptop's time. Any ideas?
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    32Gb iPhone 4 only next year

    I've just been informed by Vodacom upgrades that the 32Gb iPone 4 will only be available next year!! Anyone out there who has the inside on this?