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    Aspen in talks to make its own brand of J&J Covid-19 vaccine

    rather...anc666, the elixa of the "our people".
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    ADSL disconnection could happen from 1 October

    Not everyone lives in a city!
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    Eskom spent R80,000 on R300 knee guards

    As WC quoted on the Civil Service...."They are neither civil nor servile"
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    Video entertainment in South Africa - no DStv or TV licence required

    Particularly as their cadres probably don't pay a TV licence and have no traceable address or ID for the ghostly sabc "inspectors" to invade their homes without warrant...and whose salaries probably exceed gross licence revenues, to boot!
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    Threatened with arrest over R370 traffic fine

    From an outfit who still mails out renewals for car licences stating that, "Payment by cheques is acceptable", one wonders if they know their A from their E!
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    SA tech stores are using these vaults to stop criminals

    The cadres will just walk off with the entire vault!
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    Microsoft hiring - technical, support, and sales jobs in South Africa

    Can caucasians and the unvaccinated apply, "Billy"?
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    ANC Raises Alarm Over Deputy President’s Health

    Then on to Weskoppies followed by a deep probing personal SARS and SIU audit.
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    Police on extended deployment to KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng ahead of Zuma court appearance

    Let's see how "competently" the comrades control the comrades now?
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    Only one arrest so far after 113 criminal charges against Eskom employees

    Don't hold your breath South Africa....the anc and their tamed SIU and NPA will do's the mantra of their controlling marxist ideology!