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    Momentum App Data Usage

    If you wondering where your data has gone and you are with Momentum, look no further! The app is hammering my mobile data each month. Over 500mb per month. Anyone else experiencing this or is just me? I assume its to track your movements for safe days. But geez, seems a little extreme.
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    Needing some non-commission related financial advise

    Hi All, I recently moved companies and my new company doesn't offer a provident fund, so I am investing my existing provident fund into a preservation fund. I think this is the right move based on my research and chatting to a few financial advisors. I want to continue to contribute to an...
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    Telkom Mobile - Roaming on MTN - connectivity issue

    Hi All, Bit of a strange one. My wife and I both have Telkom Mobile contracts. We both roam permanently on MTN as we find we get less dropped calls and the internet is more reliable. Recently we have noticed that switching between wifi and cell data there seems to be a massive delay...
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    Axxess vs Afrihost Capped ADSL

    Hi Guys, So I currently have a 150GB Capped DSL Unshaped data bundle with Afrihost. There are loads of threads with the differences between Axxess and Afrihost. But nothing recent and nothing comparing the "unshapped" capped account of Afrihost with a capped account on Axxess. Anyway...
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    I have an idea, how do I pitch it to the right people?

    So I have an idea. Not an average idea, a really good, Vodacom Please Call me kind of idea. Does anyone know the best way to do this without getting screwed out of any potential future earnings of the idea? The company is very big so the potential of the idea is literally endless...
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    Mweb Capped ADSL

    Hi Guys, Anyone used the Mweb capped service before? I am currently using the Telkom Uncapped LTE @R599 and really struggling at night. My ping is nowhere and is making just normal browsing an issue. During the day its great, at night its plain useless, which is when I really need it...
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    BMW Car Advice

    I hope someone can assist. I have had a spite bad runs with buying cars. I'm probably mostly to blame, but still need to come up with a solution. Currently I have a 2011 BMW 320i. I bought the car 2 years ago. When I purchased the car it had around 26 months left on the motor plan. At time...
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    So I just tried to cancel my Telkom ADSL.....

    And this happened..... You have to email them, you cannot do it over the phone.
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    Are banks a good place to draw up and keep your will?

    Does anyone have any experience regarding where the best place is to draw up and keep your will? I need to do one but have heard conflicting stories about where to go. FNB give me extra eBucks points :D for drawing it up and keeping it there. But I won't do it just for the eBucks if its better...
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    Using an inverter and battery charger on the same battery at the same time

    Hi All So heres my issue. I bought a goldstone inverter ( and didn't do my research very well. I thought it would charge the battery and then swap over to the battery when load shedding kicks in. Evidently it...
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    Vodacom Data Out Of Bundle Data Bill Issues

    Hi Guys, So I have quite a big issue. I have a newish contract that I moved from a Top Up Contract to an open ended contract. Problem is that I got my latest bill and the additional amount just for data is R2700! Now I looked at my data usage in my phone settings and its probably right as I...