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    Best VoIP providers from Europe to SA

    I am based in Europe but would like a South African telephone presence to be able to make and receive calls in SA. Almost all the VoIP services I have tried are our quality probably due to latency issues and perhaps the link between SA and Europe. I have tried Telkom VOWiFi, Skype and now...
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    Is Rain still operational

    I am quite frustrated with Rain and wondering if they are still out there. Of course COVID is probably to blame as it is for just about everything that does not work in SA.:eek: A month ago I got a SIM card from Clicks and it says that you can RICA via their website The website RICA...
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    Aramex Service at Pick and Pay working?

    Does anyone know if the Aramex Service at Pick and Pay is actually working? I sent a package on Friday morning, they happily took my money and there were no indications of a problem in the service. Their website also indicates that the service is functioning, refer below. Their app does not...
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    Do any android dual LTE phones support VOWiFi on one SIM using data from the other

    There has been some discussion about using VOWiFi to avoid roaming costs when travelling abroad. There is also confirmation that using some iPhones will allow you to use the second SIM data as the "WiFi" connection...