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    Hauwei Pocket WiFi router

    Item: Huawei Mobile pocket WiFi router Packaging: Sealed Warranty: None Condition: New Location: Cape Town Shipping: Your Risk and cost Collection: Sure Price: R700 Item model E5576 - 606 brand new still sealed good to use with a data sim LTE CAT4 up to 16 users and 150mbps
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    Telkom Black Friday Deals ...

    Hey guys I just wanna check did anyone of you buy the 50 gig night surfer deal for back Friday ? I got an email reminder about it and checked out the deals then I saw the 50 gig night surfer deal .. I wanted to buy it but I don’t see it in any options ... *123# or *180#
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    Daul High Gain LTE Antenna

    Item Wanted: Dual Polarised High Gain LTE Antenna with 10 Meters Cable Condition: Working And the color can be faded age : Don’t matter so long it’s working 100 percent Location: Cape Town Shipping: No Collection: Yes preferred
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    iPhone 6 128 Gig For Sale

    Hi guys I have a iPhone 6 128 gig for sale ... The phone has a few sand dents on the back but with a cover you won’t no ... the only problem with it is that the speak on the top has a problem but other than that the iPhone works well ... I’ll add pictures Price 1000 bucks ... Cape Town...
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    Huawei B252-65a Admin fix please !

    Hi guys ... does anyone no why I can’t log into admin ? If I reset the router and I enter my admin user name and password then after logging out I can’t log in again because it’s saying error or wrong password .. Please help
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    Mitchell’s Fibre Zone Updates

    Guys can you please keep this thread active on which zones are completed via Mitchell’s Fibre construction as we all no that the construction has been placed on hold and it should continue on the 1st June 2020 ...
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    Vodacom 5G

    So Vodacom announcers today that it launched it’s 5g anything you guys can add ? To this let me know your thoughts
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    Spectrum 700/800/2300/2600/3500mhz given explain ?

    Hi guys On MBB it was said that MTN VODACOM TELKOM RAIN wanted more spectrum because of this lockdown and that it’s caused huge congestion on there towers they gotten more but can someone explain why in this article it looks like it was share in small percentage or spectrum I can’t explain take...
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    R218 with a Rain Sim

    So what I noticed was I’m Getting signal bars on my R218 router about 3 and 4 here and there ... which means that I don’t struggle on getting reception great but my download speeds are poor ... So knowing that this router only supports FDD bands which is Band 3 if I’m correct and that’s...