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    Divorce slow, pregnant by new man, leaving South Africa

    Whew, this is rather a mixed-up situation, and I'd appreciate input and suggestions. The clock is ticking, as there's a baby on the way. I'm trying to see if there's any way to help these young people sort out their lives. About 8 years ago, a young woman from abroad moved to South Africa...
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    Maldives - Lease Island, Start Tourism, Get 5-year Visa

    The Maldives is hoping to boost tourism by leasing several islands, individually, for at least 50 years. As I understand it, each island will require an investment of at least $250,000, but they're being auctioned, and the bid will not necessarily be won by the highest bidder, but by those whose...
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    Shareblock converting to Sectional Title, register open

    Shareblocks are companies, and the apparent owners do not own a Title Deed, but are shareholders in the company that owns the whole complex or block. Sectional Titles mean actual ownership with a Title Deed, at least over a part of the whole, and some guaranteed use of some parts of the common...
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    R2 000 000 savings, zero income, age 60 - how should he plan?

    We're part of an ongoing round of discussions with one of our friends, and his friends and helpers. He has a number of disabilties and is approaching retirement age. So far, he's managed to get by, renting, on an income substitution insurance, but has been advised that this will cease next year...
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    Rate per km - employee's own car

    Hello, We'd very much appreciate advice, please, for employees who occasionally drive out from the premises, on errands for their work. For this, the employees never use the employer's car. Each employee uses his/her own car to do the driving assigned by the employer. Each employee earns an...