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    Vodacom wasps at it again.

    So, in the last couple of days I have been subscribed twice to the same service I don't know. Fortunately, or unfortunately as I shouldn't even have to be engaging in that act, I have been checking on my subscriptions often lately due to the levels of "forced" subscriptions. I canceled the...
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    Unexplained recharges on prepaid number

    So, wasp deductions being the hot topic these days, something of an opposite is happening on my daughter's prepaid number (the number is actually registered under me) She keeps getting recharged without knowing how and why. I am at a loss as to what is happening here and hoping that a Cell C...
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    Telkom assigns new number immediately on a ported sim

    This is a bit of a disturbing practice from Telkom Mobile and I am pretty sure it is not legal. So, I ported my number from them to Vodacom (the number is originally a Vodacom number) two days ago and everything went perfectly well. The number was ported successfully and without any outstanding...
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    Cell C "Incorrect SIM"

    I am just about to dump Cell C over this problem. Two months ago or so I had my sim card "malfunction" and gave me the now dreaded "Incorrect sim" message onscreen. For some reason this happened after I switched off the phone and then back on. I went to a Cell C shop and did a sim swap...