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    Sony Bets Its Fall Game Lineup on Little-Known Studio, and Wins

    Gamers on previous gen consoles will always be looking to upgrade, they will at some point. While a strong exclusive may not push one from PS4 to 5 it may influence one considering an Xbox.
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    Oppo smartphones will be offered at Telkom from next week

    They offer a measly three options currently I suspect this has something to do with the dwindling demand for Huawei
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    Good news for driver's licence renewals

    It's going to be the same scenario come March, just with a much bigger backlog.
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    Roger Telemachus: South African cricket was controlled by a clique of white players

    Reminds me of how those Auzzies apologised when they cheated.
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    MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

    Lol Jones is not moving up to HW to fight Curtis Blaydes. He's looking for a money fight, which is why he hasn't fought yet. He's been dominating LHW for so long now it's actually working against him JJ beating up another nobody at LHW is just not appealing.
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    MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

    Sure At heavyweight all fighters have at least a puncher's chance. Then if you can punch like Derrick Lewis, your chance is a lot better. Stipe is done. Hungrier lions in the division. Basically in the same spot DC was not too long ago. The UFC is a promotion so they'll always try to promote...
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    MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) We had to make the news somehow
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    Scramble to renew driver's licences before deadline

    The system's not been working since the first minute. From which minute onwards does it become acceptable to complain?
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    Xbox Series X / S

    Would appreciate some recommendations. Coming from Playstation, last xbox was a 360. Games I enjoyed on PS4 TLOU Horizon Spiderman Uncharted Ratchet and Clank Basically a good, story based game. Which games are similar on Xbox? Preferably on gamepass
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    MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

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    xCloud finally available in South Africa?

    Nope For me it says available only in select regions
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    South Africa's best and worst mobile operators

    Pretty much in line with my experience of late.
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    Some SA fast-food joints charge more than 30% extra on items listed on Mr D and Uber Eats

    You pay a premium for convenience. Always been like this. Many are willing so that's where these companies come in.
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    Kia Sonet - ludicrous pricing, what a rip off (IMHO)

    This is basic human psychology unfortunately. To apply objective thinking otherwise makes you the exception. Just recently the Toyota branded Baleno became an overnight hit. Strange creatures we are, comfortable with what we know or we think we know.
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    Telkom CEO warns of unintended consequences of BEE

    Would actually be an interesting read
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    What's the process (and any tips) after vehicle finance is paid off

    Congrats Most important imo is to resist the temptation of financing another vehicle if yours is still good.
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    Vodacom ...

    What about Cell C new packages? The ones for like R60 for 5 gigs. Vodacom service has been deteriorating for a while now. Even Telkom is better.
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    UK hit by Cadbury 99 Flake shortage

    Just one cut and all resistance crumbles