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    Test your broadband speed - win R5,000 cash

    ISP : Vox Fibre Provider : Vuma Fibre package : 100Mbps DL/ 100Mbps UL Download Speed : 34.97Mbps Upload Speed : 37.12Mbps Rated : 4 Location, Fairland
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    Shocking Afrihost Support

    With Afrihost, you can migrate, you have to cancel your existing order, then place a new order.
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    Shocking Afrihost Support

    Between a two year old daughter and 5 month old Husky, i barely have time for my actual work.
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    Shocking Afrihost Support

    I have cancelled and tried to get the new installation done. Its not the cancellation process, i just need fibre to be installed in the unit i am staying at now. There is a CPE already installed
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    Shocking Afrihost Support

    Hi, So just before lockdown started, i moved from my 1st Floor unit to a downstairs unit in the same complex, actually the unit that was directly below. Now since April, i have been trying to cancel my Fibre in my previous unit as per the Afrihost requirements and have the new fibre installed...
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    ISP : Internet Solutions Ping: 5ms Download: 77.83Mbps Upload: 76.54Mbps
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    Windows 7 users are taking their time upgrading to Windows 10

    From my point of view, being a penetration tester, Windows 7 is a hackers dream. Use windows 10 for my daily emails, internet browsing, etc, Windows 10 is the best. Hell, even Kali Linux is better than windows 7
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    I got my Mi Box 3 yesterday... Epic device.....