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    Constant disconnects on Cool Ideas Octotel

    This problem first appeared on June 4 2021. CI 100/100 line via Octotel. Cape Town Southern Suburbs. Random disconnects anywhere from 2 - 60 minutes at a time. at its worst, upwards of 20 times a day. Internet light on router (TP Link Archer C20) goes orange and no internet via wired or...
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    Buying from

    Anybody bought from them before? I've found a great deal on their site but I'm not too sure if they're trustworthy or not. Hello Peter is kind of 50/50 so I was hoping for some advice. I'll be looking at trading my current car in and getting finance with them. Any help is appreciated.
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    Mazda MX5 ND in Cape Town

    I'm looking for somebody that owns the latest gen MX5 in Cape Town who will let me sit in it and do a quick test drive with them to see if I can fit comfortably. I'm considering buying one but the only soft top models for sale are in Gauteng so I can't pull the trigger until I'm sure that I...
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    4k x265 upgrade

    Need some help upgrading my home theatre pc. I5 4460 with 8gb ram no GPU, is struggling to play 2160p x265 video. What's the cheapest way to get it playing well? Upgrade CPU? Get a GPU? Advice is appreciated
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    Zuma bombshell – Big cabinet reshuffle

    Zuma reshuffles Cabinet - Again ANNOUNCEMENT OF CHANGES TO THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE BY PRESIDENT JACOB ZUMA After careful consideration, I have decided to make the following changes to the National Executive; 1. Professor Hlengiwe...