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    Cool Ideas refusing to release a line

    Talk to @AfriNatic from Afrihost. Great service from him and he will have you up and running in a flash.
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    DStv Premium as we know it will die, as content taps are closed

    On my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and DStv Now App and on Computer using the Dstv Now website. All buffering and pixelating and streaming stops. 50mbps fiber line. Just completely useless, no problem on Netflix.
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    DStv Premium as we know it will die, as content taps are closed

    They cannot even get the "streaming service" to work properly...buffers more than stream even on a 50 mbps fiber line. Glad I got rid of calls from them yesterday, but I ignored it like a stop street. They will never see me again.
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    DStv Flex - MultiChoice's plan for a configurable DStv Premium service

    Agreed, If you are happy with the channels on offer excluding sport - then I will say the R299 pm is a good deal.
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    DStv Flex - MultiChoice's plan for a configurable DStv Premium service

    So let me get this straight - I must pay R299 for flex basic package, and then add R349 for the sport I love to watch (rugby, cricket, golf, tennis and motorsport) - and probably still the R110 access fee to be able to utilize my Explora... all equals to R758 pm - wow that is an impressive...
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    What is your monthly usage and ISP?

    Yes, the line is used a lot with mainly Netflix streaming at 4K and Youtube adapting to line speed (HD) and that said can roughly chew up 3GB+ per hour. We do mostly phone and Xbox updates and downloads through the night and have extra downloads done in that time as needed. Working form home...
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    ADSL disconnection could happen from 1 October

    Vuma have dropped the price the price of 100/100 and most providers dropped the price to under R1000, and most 1000/200 packages are priced at R1499. I pay R697.00 for PureDSL with Afrihost and 100/100 costs R997.00 - so for R300.00 more, it is not bad. Both offer uncapped, unshaped, unthrottled...
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    Vodacom Fiber pathetic service

    Never never ever get Vodacom Fiber! They lied to friends of mine when Vumatel was busy rolling out around town by going around town and told people to signup saying the infrastructure is Vodacom fiber network. Many people have been tricked into this and many did not sign any contracts and all of...
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    ADSL disconnection could happen from 1 October

    Same here. We have Vumatel coverage and Herotel is also rolling out. I have PureDSL 40mbps VDSL with Afrihost and I will keep the line active for as long as I can or until Openserve show up at my door and cut the wire and pull it out of my house. I get excellent performance on my line and it is...
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    Not Getting 1Gbps Fiber - Afrihost & Octotel Not Helping

    @AfriNatic has always helped me with any problem I might have had on my VDSL line and offered me excellent service in setting my modem up and get the connection up and running. He helped me get PureDSL where Openserve said there is "no coverage"
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    Vodacom cuts fibre prices

    I totally agree...I have not come across any other ISP that has a FUP that throttles the line speed on fiber after a certain usage. A friend of mine has a 1000/200 fiber line with Afrihost and the most he used in one month was 25TB and he was not throttled in any way. The average monthly usage...
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    Vodacom cuts fibre prices

    Does the ridiculous fair use policy still apply 750GB on 20mbps 1.5TB on 50mbps 2.5TB on 100mbps and 3TB on 200mbps? The throttling to 2mbps is ridiculous! Most IP's like Afrihost, Axxess and Cool Ideas has NO FUP
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    Florauna, Pretoria North - Fibre Signups Please Help.

    In my small town of Mookgophong (Naboomspruit) Limpopo. Vumatel has rolled out infrastructure around town. They have connected all the houses and my Complex is not "live" as of yet. Herotel is busy rolling out their network around town, hopefully they will be able to help me...
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    Florauna, Pretoria North - Fibre Signups Please Help.

    I am eagerly waiting for Vuma to get back to me when my complex will be live, even though there is a Vuma point in front of the gate. Both my neighbors have active fiber lines installed, we in in the middle have no fiber access, as according to Vuma the complex is not "live" I guess I have to...
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    Are there any fibre isp's that don't throttle torrenting?

    I have been using Afrihost PureDSL and all my download content runs at full line speed. P2P is only as fast as your torrent client and seeders are on a particular file. I would recommend a good VPN as well.
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    Competition Commission approves Afrihost acquisition of Cool Ideas

    If I might comment, I had great service form Afrihost since I had my first ADSL Line back in 2009. I used the data part of R 29/GB and Telkom for the line. I had great internet back then. I signed up for Just DSL this year and the service I get so far is superior!! I have true uncapped unshaped...
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    Vodacom fibre - throttling speeds on Google services

    Does Vodacom Fiber still enforce the Fair use policy after a certain amount of Gigs used? I see they have a fair use policy on Fiber (750GB on 20mbps, 1.5TB on 50mbps and 2.5TB on 100mbps- just want to confirm if they still throttle you to 2mbps for remainder of month?
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    What is your monthly usage and ISP?

    According to Afrihost my usage on 40mbps PureDSL was 7.45TB for July, that said we really used the internet al lot since kids was at home and their friends came over and we had lots of downloads on Xbox game downloads and updates and tablets and phones. Netflix and DSTV streaming as well -...
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    Help setting up ADSL on Netis router

    Yes, I remember you helping me to set mine up. It was quite a hassle, in the end I was about to throw it out the window, then we managed to get it working after deleting all the WAN and setting up one and voila - I had internet joy! I will always be grateful for the superior service I received...
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    1gbps fibre - What speeds do you get?

    Cool man you have 2 superfast lines, I am struggling with Vuma - my complex are not "live" according to them, but both my neighbors have active fiber lines installed. I would love to have fiber at my house! Even a 100/100 would be heaven!!