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    UPS for Gaming PC

    So here we go, our country has done it again and I'm GATVOL. I Want to know what type of UPS should I look for. My PC has a 750W PSU Ryzen 7 3700x RTX 2060 My screen wattage is 25W. Just need a UPS that can last me around 2 hours or even 3 give or take.
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    How quickly can Cool Ideas activate my line.

    So Today 1 February my connection is officially done with Home-Connect. Great service but wanted to move to Cool ideas. I checked the ( but can't order through the website. So decided to order through Cool ideas anyway. How quickly can Cool ideas activate my line. As i...
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    Buying a Device from Gumtree

    So this is the time for me to say bye to a iPhone 6. I'm wating to buy a iPhone XR and i saw one on gumtree for 10k. The problem I'm sitting with is the device is on contract and they do have papers. I'm just scared they don't pay their bill and the device gets blacklisted. Will it be possible...