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    Best value for money bed to buy(to sleep off the covid-19 of course)

    So I'm looking for a dubble bed(137cm) that I need to buy for the occasional visitor,been wondering whether the bored experts know of any good places to buy from that may be recommended.Russels seem to have the best prices so far? Ta
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    Is Home Connect legit?

    Just out of interest,what are your experiences with them,I am switching isps to Home Connect with octotel but I've waited about 10 working days so far however I should of phoned and checked more often as the person I spoke to sounded new and clueless the first time I phoned and perhaps...
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    Chinese SUV brands like Haval/Baic

    They seem to be reasonably priced .Anyone here bought a Haval/Baic SUV to use as a daily,how is the experience so far?Any serious quality issues that you have noticed ?
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    Can I buy car equipment directly from a company now?

    Greetings people I just want to double check before I am off tomorrow. I need to buy a low profile floor jack,ramps and some jack stands for car maintenance as my car's splash shield is damaged and hanging. They place that sells these don't deliver directly so I need to get it from them...
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    First pc build ,are these parts adequate,anything missed?

    Hi everyone I haven't had a desktop pc in ten years or so,only two laptops so I am a bit behind with the times.The parts I already ordered include: Evetech: AOC G2460VQ6 24" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Gaming Monitor / 1ms Response Time / 75Hz Refresh Rate / Anti-Blue Light Technology / AMD Free-Sync...
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    Does laptopdirect have good aftersales service?

    Greetings I tried googling previous posts mentioning but not much is mentioned of their aftersales service.Will they be as reliable compared to wootware and rebeltech?