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    2010 National Geographic photo contest

    2010 National Geographic photo contest Some of the entires on #2 is beyond amazing! :eek:
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    Meteor shower on Wed 28/Thur 29 July 2010

    Thanks to the heads up from dusk and more confirmation from Bronberg Weather Station in Pretoria, the Southern Delta Aquariids meteor shower will be visible late night Wednesday 28th, early morning Thursday 29th July 2010. Good luck :)
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    Canon Rebates March 2010

    For those of you with friends & family in USA: Source:
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    Partial solar eclipse on Fri, 15 Jan 2010

    For those of you in JHB and Pretoria, there'll be a small partial eclipse on Friday starting at around 6:40am. Get your welding glass ND filters ready! (Hopefully this will be a lot better than my last eclipse thread :o)
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    Testing second-hand flash before buying

    I'm considering buying a second-hand Canon 580EX Mk I for my 350D. Anything specific I should check/test for on the flash? I've never used an external flash unit before. Thanks :)
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    Canon EOS Roadshows

    Canon EOS Roadshows Cape Town Sat 16th May, JHB Sat 23rd May. (DBN was yesterday, Sat 9th May) Read more...