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    Installation and/or connection fees

    Can anyone tell me what the fee is webafrica will charge if the 12 months haven't yet lapsed?
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    How much space does 4k use per minute (11 pro)

    As per the title. How much space does recording in 4k 60fps use per minute on the 11 pro/max?
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    Internet access paused

    What's this nonsense? Getting this every day now and my data is disabled. Happens when I'm on the move. Telkom call center doesn't know what it is and blames depleted data plan. It's a 30GB monthly bundle. Nowhere near depleted.
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    set chrome on Android to use

    As the title, how do I set chrome to use by default. It keeps using .com which doesn't include the country only filter. Any ideas?
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    Mikrotik repeater issue

    One of my ubiquity LR APs failed and I temporarily setup an older Mikrotik hap lite device as an AP repeater until I receive a new LR AP replacement. It works well, however, when our phones switch from the one AP to other we have to either kill wireless and enable it again on our phones, or...
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    Volvo XC40 Ad music

    Can anyone tell me what song this is? I'm unable to find it on the official YouTube ads as they differ. Apologies for the quality, was recorded from TV sound. I'm pretty certain I've heard this exact song in a...
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    Tapatalk and mybb issue

    Just me? Each time I select participated posts I get this error message? This forum requires that you wait 10 seconds between searches. Please try again in (ARG2 undefined) bla bla Def not a tapatalk issue as other forums work great.
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    SFX Dual Frag Pro or any other PS3 mouse. Has anybody tried it?

    SFX Dual Frag Pro or Fragnstein mouse. Has anybody tried it? As the title says. Has anybody tried one of these mouse solutions fo PS3? The SFX Dual Frag Pro Mouse or the Fragnstein Mouse for PS3? Thanks
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    Best ever FPS kill?

    MW2-AMAZING Knife Throw What a throw :D Insane
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    What in ear headphones for Iphone

    My dog had a play with my Iphone headphones :erm: Can anyone recommend any similiar in ear headphones.
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    Vista 64bit beats WIN7 64bit

    Vista 64bit beats WIN7 64bit in overall performance test from PC Format. SOurce Pc format July 09 Who has read the article, and what are your thoughts?