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    convert HTML file to PDF on PHP 7.3

    Hi, What can I use, which is fairly recent, to convert an HTML file to PDF on PHP 7.3? I see there's libraries like mPDF ,FPDF, etc, but they're all outdated by 2 years or more.
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    Who use Momentum Insurance?

    Hi, Who use momentum insurance? Are you happy with them? Are / were there any incidents that they did not pay out? We're using Miway currently, for car, household and movables (phones, laptops, etc) but they recent price increase made me look for alternative. We use Momentum Multiply to...
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    Triton Express zones for Woocommerce

    Hi, Does anyone have a list of zones (Major Centers and outlying areas) for Triton Express, for Woocommerce? One of the suppliers I buy stuff from offer delivery to the clients and use Triton Express. They can't seem to help me with this info, since their mother company is in the UK and I can't...
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    Which credit card payment gateway with high limits?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend an e-commerce payment gateway that would allow say R100,000 per transaction for credit card payments? Both SagePay and PayFast has a R10,000 limit and the client don't have a merchant account for PayGate.
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    Which Android headunit?

    I am looking for a semi decent double DIN android head unit, with at least the following features: Be able to use Waze Have Bluetooth so I can answer my phone on it Have a CD, or even better DVD player Be able to play music / answer the phone while using Waze Have USB in Have AM/FM Integrate...
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    suggest wireless gaming mouse for big hands

    Hi, Can anyone recommend (as-in you have used it) a wireless gaming mouse for someone with big hands?
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    Spartan load shedding schedule

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a load shedding schedule for Spartan? I looked on the ekurhuleni website but cannot see Spartan on any of the lists, for example
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    AJAX not posting dropdown list items to PHP script

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am trying to post drop down selection code to a PHP scrip using AJAX, but it's not being sent to the PHP script. Here's the AJAX code: <script> function createNew() { $("#add-more").hide(); var data = `<tr class="table-row"...
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    recommend a bluetooth handsfree kit?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent bluetooth handsfree kit with long battery life and good sound quality? I dislike using the car's handsfree due to privacy reasons when there's other people in the car.
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    Vodacom Fiber router alternative?

    Hi, Vodacom + Vumatel are the first guys to attempt to roll out Fiber in our area. It's a small closed off community (not an estate) so I guess there's little interest from everyone else. Anyway, so they have a month-to-month option available. Does anyone know if it's possible to use...
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    Web development app suggestion?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent web development app (not framework) with the following features: Ability to switch between HTML and WYSIWYG mode (split screen would be better) Ability to add pages to the whole website and update menu's / links throughout all the pages. HTML / CSS / PHP (and...
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    Afrihost theft and blatant ignorance.

    I had to pay R1998 cancellation fee. On a product that I didn't receive, and another product which their system decided to order on my behalf. There was only the 20GB CellC package in the order at that time. Here's how it's progressing so far: Ordered a 20GB CellC deal on 2018/10/26, 11:57...
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    how to archive IMAP email?

    Hi, We acquired a client with 2 mailboxes containing 10GB and 12GB emails each. Email archiving wasn't enabled on his account on the other server beforehand so I can't download email archives. Since he uses IMAP and has various folders in his mailbox, Outlook 365 doesn't archive all the...
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    Afrihost theft and blatant ignorance.

    Dear Afrihost. Seeing as you steal money, I have decided to take legal action against you. Seeing as you don't care for your clients, and don't bother fixing this after 3 weeks, I have decided to return the favor.
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    budget gaming laptop recommendations?

    Hi all, I am in the market for a new laptop, in say the R12K-R13K range. I would mainly use it for work and listen to music / watch movies on a 2nd 23" FHD monitor. And I would like to play the occasional modern game from time to time. Any recommendations? I prefer decent brands. In the...
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    Blackberry 9720

    Item name (be very descriptive): Blackberry 9720 cellphone in excellent condition. Includes charger. Age and condition: Excellent Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R600 Negotiable: No Location: Gauteng east rand Shipping or collection...
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    Brand new Huawei P10 64GB

    Item name: Brand new Huawei P10 64GB, Dazzling Blue. Age and condition: Brand new, box unopened. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes, 2 years Reason for selling: Extra phone not needed Price: R7500 Negotiable: No Location: Gauteng East Rand Shipping or collection: Collection prefered...
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    Who still uses PHP 5.x?

    I am quite curious, who still uses PHP 5.x? And, if you still use it, what application(s) do you have that still runs on PHP5?
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    InfiniSolar 10Kw 3Phase grid tie inverter

    Item name (be very descriptive): InfiniSolar 10Kw 3Phase grid tie inverter Age and condition: Used about 4 weeks Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Upgraded to 16KW inverter Price: R42,000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Dalpark Ext 1, Gauteng Shipping or...
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    looking for working iPad emulator / simulator

    Hi, I wonder if anyone knows of a working iPad emulator / simulator online? I need to create a video tutorial for a very specific email environment setup and don't own, or even know anyone with an iPad (apart from a client in Pretoria, who'll probably not lend it to me for an hour or so)...