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  1. riverdusty

    Probable Congested Exchange, Plumstead, Cape Town

    Problem: Telkom Congested Exchange (Most Likely) Exchange: 021 762 Line Speed: 2.5Mbs ISP: Mweb 4Mb Capped nighttime something something Occurance: All the time, more so at night. I have had this problem before (2014?) and I gave up trying to get it sorted. To be honest my internet was actually...
  2. riverdusty

    Traffic fine while Wheel Clamped

    Hi all I'm going in to contest a fine I received for parking my motorbike at century city. Century city saw fit to clamp my bike. No wheel clamping signs, bike not obstructing anything. I was arguing with them about the legality of the clamp and they were waiting for their supervisor when a...
  3. riverdusty

    Sym XS200 Blaze Review needed please

    Looking at Anybody know this bike and can give me review or advice? This is for a 22km daily round trip commute. My MotoMia Java170 has finally given up, heh. nearly 20 000km, so time for replacement.
  4. riverdusty

    More Bad Service from Telkom

    I hope TelkomZA guy can help. I've been 5 days with a dead phone line. Telkom keep apologizing and saying they're investigating. Seriously, 5 days? Thing is, it looks like this is the norm from Telkom. Whats a guy to do? (TelkomZA guy, REF 156BWK201015)
  5. riverdusty

    MTN Employee takes day off, leaves me hanging.

    Dear MTN I recently attempted to sign a contract with MTN on Friday the 27th of February. I was told by the MTN Employee I delt that my contract may be approved within hours or at least by the end of the day. It is now Monday the 2nd of March and I had not heard anything. I phoned the MTN...
  6. riverdusty

    [S] MASSIVE AIM 3 Door Fridge/Freezer for sale

    Item name: AIM 3 door fridge/freezer. 1 side single door fridge, other is 2 door top and bottom freezer. Age and condition: More than 10 years old. Working. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: FAR too big for my wife and I. We're getting something smaller. Price...
  7. riverdusty

    Proline 19" LCD and Acer 17" LCD [S]

    Hi All I have 2 monitors that have barely ever been used, and mostly sat around in storage. Time to clean house. Item name (be very descriptive): The first is a 19" widescreen Proline MON19LW LCD Screen. Age and condition: old but new Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for...
  8. riverdusty

    Is an Old Mutual Agent really an Old Mutual Agent

    Hi I've been contacted by a guy who I let come and see me and talk to me about products that his company offers through Old Mutual. They seem legit but I'm a skeptic. I've tried to contact Old Mutual to verify that these people are registered agents of theirs and not some scam artist. Old...
  9. riverdusty

    What to do with a Sun Ultra 45 Workstation?

    So, this thing sits in my office and in winter I sit and compile OpenBSD on it, to keep my office warm. Its a huge big metal hunk of junk that is kinda fun, especially because its not x86! Some Stats: So what do I do with this old electricity hog?
  10. riverdusty

    Wheel Alignment Cape Town Prices

    Hi I need to get my wife's very old golf to a wheel alignment place. Where is the most cost effective place to go? Most places seem very expensive. I'm not necessary looking for the cheapest, just the best value for money. Preferably in the Southern Suburbs. Thanks
  11. riverdusty

    Plumstead ADSL Problems

    Problem: Telkom Congested Exchange Exchange: 021 762 Line Speed: 2Mbs ISP: Mweb Premium 1Mbs Uncapped Occurance: All the time, more so at night. Traceroute: traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 login.router ( 2.072 ms 1.559 ms 1.591 ms...
  12. riverdusty

    Welcome to 2012. What Skills do YOU want to develop?

    I'm curious, now that the new year is upon us, what do all you business people think you'll need to know for the new year? As I'm sure you've seen from my other posts our company does a lot of consulting and training. I'm wondering what sort of expertise, knowledge or what ever you would like...
  13. riverdusty

    Database of Choice, what is yours?

    I've often been asked by our company and our clients which database we use, or what we recommend and why. I've always been an advocate of Relational Databases and promote PostgreSQL. As for non-Relational alternatives, I've been pointed to Object-Databases and things like CouchDB. I ask of...
  14. riverdusty

    The Focus of Software Development Companies

    For Discussion. I've noted a lot of software development companies don't usually last long because its a very difficult market to make money in. How do you design, develop or deliver a new product that may already have competition or an opensource alternative? In cases where the Software Dev...
  15. riverdusty

    What Drives Software Piracy?

    Just an observation. If you go to pretty much any torrent site and search for the most popular software that is obtained illegally, you'll note that the most popular software is generally the most expensive software. This leads me to believe the primary reason for software piracy is price. If...
  16. riverdusty

    Business Architecture Techniques and Deliverables

    Inspired! Will be running a Business Architecture Techniques and Deliverables course in Cape Town from the 22nd to the 25th of November. Venue will be the Wild Fig in Pinelands. Bookings can be made through me here or on the Inspired! Website The course is designed for senior business...
  17. riverdusty

    Managing Information Technology Projects and Advanced System Delivery Books

    Hey All In the spirit of spreading advice and information about Business and such (as the thread suggests) and not because I want to do shameless advertising, I'm letting you all know about some books I have for sale. The company I work for has published 2 books. I've found all the copies...
  18. riverdusty


    Hey All Anybody using a smalltalk environment? I'm using several depending on the project at hand. Currently porting a very large app from VAST5.5 to VisualAge8.5 Also developing an app in Pharo. Although its using seaside I'm still exploring alternatives. As for Seaside, well, its pretty...
  19. riverdusty

    Inspired! TOGAF9 Training in Cape Town starting 7th Nov

    Hey All. Just FYI 5 Day Course. A practice-oriented, comprehensive course leading to TOGAF 9 Level 2 certification. Extensive coverage of Enterprise Architecture using the TOGAF framework and Architecture Development Method. This course covers the body of knowledge required for...