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    Former ANC, DA and ID member Lennit Max revealed as FF Plus mayoral candidate for Cape Town
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    JUST IN | UCT considering mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy for students, staff
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    Book library in Garage ?

    Anyone here keeps books in garage? Need to clear space in cupboard for son's books and was thinking of putting some shelves in garage. I can imagine dust would be issue so probably has to be proper cupboards and not open shelves. Easy access could be other issue as well but I suppose life is...
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    Gauteng records more than 23 000 teen pregnancies in one year, some moms as young as 10
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    Junior tennis court at home

    So, I am thinking of setting up a junior court at home. Max length is 36 feet which is almost doable. This will serve 2 purposes. Getting rid of lawn to be water-wise and some recreational sport at home till boy grows up. How would one go about it? I would like to do this DIY way to cut the...
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    Pandemic spurs flight of top earners from debt-laden South Africa
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    Lawyer under fire after 'ninja' comment shakes up ConCourt hearing on Muslim marriages
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    NSW Police set up strike force to find anti-lockdown protesters after thousands shut down Sydney CBD
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    Astronauts at China’s new space station conduct first spacewalk
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    ANC turns to crowdfunding to raise funds for elections campaign
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    [Nigeria] Nigerian pastor TB Joshua dies, aged 57
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    Thuli Madonsela awarded highest French order of merit, author Deon Meyer also honoured
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    Yoga can leave you injured, psychotic and a Hindu, Christian groups claim
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    The Calisthenics thread

    So, I came upon this and quite impressed how easily he does this. Started with just knee push ups + simple squats yesterday (my bad - I used to do 40+ pushups for that vitality test few years ago - how the "mighty" have fallen) :) Anyone does primarily calisthenics here? My idea is to reduce...
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    Absa shuts down massive unit trust. Many investors have the wrong idea about the fund, it says
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    Withdrawals from funds

    Do any of you do a occasional withdrawal from well performing funds now and then? I was thinking of taking out a bit for house renovation etc. I was thinking getting benefit from a CGT exclusion which I never really utilized so far. Also, wouldn't it be marginally better to withdraw when fund is...
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    SA gets new $1bn loan from BRICS bank to support economic recovery
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    Fundraising campaign for popular Joburg doctor Sindi van Zyl in hospital with Covid-19
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    Matric Luphondo corruption charges linked to Mpumalanga govt official's immigration