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    TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt Wifi Camera as new

    Item name (be very descriptive): TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt Wifi Camera as new Age and condition: 2 weeks plugged in, +1 week back in the box Do you include packaging: Yes - complete box and all contents as new Warranty: Yes balance of 6 months with Takealot - I will assist with any warranty...
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    Would you allow this to happen?

    So a supplier used to have an online catalog whereby we identify the windscreen part we need and then email them the order. Now they have decided to change this and have created some new website but in order to grant customers access, they have a guy in JHB who called us and wanted remote...
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    I need the cheapest dumb phone in SA

    I need a dumb phone for home so we can check on the kids + domestic during school holidays. I want to pay as little as possible. Option B is a VOIP solution but that seems to work out to a lot more R's. Where can I buy the cheapest dumb phone in SA?
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    Cheapest isolated office WIFI solution needed

    Need advice for the cheapest way to get this implemented. I currently have a Huawei B525 LTE router handling all wifi and internet at the office. It is connected into our LAN which also has our server and workstations etc. Several staff have wifi access for their cellphones to use this internet...
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    Help to futureproof an iPad for my schoolkid

    I've never owned an Apple product so the ecosystem is very foreign to me. My Grade 3 has to have an iPad from Grade 4 onwards. The school is offering great pricing on a Gen 7 (R5700) and a Gen 8 (R6500). I am leaning towards the Gen 7 but will it receive iOS updates for the next 4 years that my...
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    Question re bringing fibre into network

    So the fibre gets installed into a home with a CPE box. LAN cable is then run from the CPE to the WAN port on a router. My question: if my router WAN port is plugged into a switch and the CPE is plugged into the same switch, will they find each other as if I had connected them directly with a...
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    Light hand shock from outside of microwave <SOLVED>

    We have been noticing that when barefoot, the outside of the microwave gives a light buzzing shock when you put your hand on the metal outer casing (no such when wearing shoes). I troubleshooted by running leads from different plugs in the house and discovered that some plugs caused the shock...
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    What happens to my PVR recordings after cancelling DSTV?

    Cancelled my DSTV finally. It dies midnight tomorrow. Will recordings still be accessible going forward or will they be locked?
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    SSD: Crucial or WD?

    I need to breathe some life into my work donkey PC and after just buying a laptop with an SSD, I amazed at the speed bump. So, which drive do you prefer? I only need a 240GB - so its either a Crucial or WD Green on my shortlist. I have never had a bad experience with WD but Crucial is an...
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    Help me choose a new laptop

    I am looking at a new laptop. My requirements are: *SSD 256GB would be ok, 512gb a bonus *4 or 6GB Ram *Full HD Screen *Good Battery Life *Light as possible *i3 probably good enough - only use it for web browsing, streaming, Excel - no games or video editing I have completely lost touch on CPU...
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    Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Glacier Blue

    Item name: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 6gb/64gb GLOBAL VERSION Dual Sim Age and condition: 6 Days / As New Do you include packaging: Yes-FULL including fast charger and cable still unused Warranty: - Have POP Reason for selling: Bought to play with - prefer the size of my Mi Max 3 Price: R5500...
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    Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4gb/64gb Black plus covers and screen protectors

    Item name: Xiaomi Mi Max 3 4gb/64gb GLOBAL VERSION Black with 4 covers and 3 spare screen protectors Age and condition: 12 months 10/10 EXCELLENT Do you include packaging: Yes-FULL Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded Price: R3750 Negotiable: Maybe slightly Location: East London Shipping or...
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    Getting random sms security codes, not sure if under attack?

    I've received 2x 6 digit verification codes via sms from +27820070120 this evening. In my phone I see I have received 5 verification codes previously over the last 6 months which would have been legit and this leads me to believe a service I use is under attack. Anybody have any sms...
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    Ster Kinekor 2D movie tickets x3

    Item name (be very descriptive): 3x PnP Smartshopper voucher codes for 2D Movie Tickets at Ster Kinekor (cost me R30 PnP points per ticket) Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: N/A Warranty: Yes - I'll refund your money/airtime back if they don't work // They are valid until 30...
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    Sunbeam Automatic Ice Maker SPIM-400

    Item name: Sunbeam Automatic Ice Maker SPIM-400 Age and condition: 18 months // As New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Replaced with newer model Price: R2500 Negotiable: Yes Location: East London Shipping or collection: Both // Courier at your expense and risk...
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    Xiaomi Mi A1 4/64 Rose Gold (Flawless Condition) +Cover + Unused Screen Protector

    Item name (be very descriptive): Xiaomi Mi A1 4GB/64GB Rose Gold in flawless condition (not a single blemish) Age and condition: 1 Year // Spotless Do you include packaging: Yes - original box, charger, USB-C cable, unused screen protector, free TPU Cover Warranty: No Reason for selling: This...
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    I need a prepaid LTE sim with unrestricted APN

    I need a prepaid LTE sim on which I can buy a data bundle which will last 6-12 months (so not a 30 day bundle that expires) so I can hook up my CCTV DVR to a router and access remotely as it is too far away from my main router at home. Will only connect to the DVR occasionally so high data usage...
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    Will an SSD make a difference on my office donkey?

    So this is my old girl: I only use Excel, run 4x CCTV camera feed on a second monitor and have Chrome with 5-10 tabs open during the day. Will an SSD give me any noticeable speed bump compared to the 5400 3.5 drive I am currently using? I'm trying to run this machine for as long as possible...
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    Rain sim killing incoming voice calls on Voda sim

    My wife has a Huawei P10 dual sim with Vodacom for voice in sim slot 1. Put a Rain sim in slot 2 and phone can't receive calls, but can make calls and can send/receive sms's. Swap sims around, still can't receive calls. Take Rain sim out and device can receive calls. Any idea's?
  20. F Scode Payment at Post Office

    So I paid an Scode at SAPO this morning for a Loot order. Aunty at SAPO looked at me like she had never seen an Scode before. She didn't scan the barcode I gave her but entered all info manually. The info on my slip says Scode and the reference numbers match up what what Loot gave me, but...