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    Nokia Lumia 930

    I put my name down this weekend to be notified when the Nokia Lumia 930 becomes available at my local store for upgrade. Strange that there isn't already a thread here by my reckoning. I'm moving across from Android-land, and am looking forward to the challenge. This is definitely (IMO) the...
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    Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite

    I picked up one of these with a 2GB data plan from Cell C over the weekend. Overall, despite what the internet would have you believe, this is not a bad little tablet. My aim was to have all my books (Kindle App), news, twitter, etc. on a tablet that I can easily carry around (more so than my...
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    Xperia smartphones had second highest Android market share in Q4 2011

    Xperia smartphones had second highest Android market share in Q4 2011 Discuss. :D
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    Xperia Users Unite! :D

    So, anybody got a Pro? Any other (2011) Xperia phone? Share your experiences with the rest of us. Personally, I've replaced the Home Launcher with Nemus Launcher, and I use Pansi SMS for messaging - the rest of the phone is pretty standard. I rooted the phone on .58, but the firmware...
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    30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS: a Free Tuts+ Premium Course
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    Google Buzz / Twitter

    Fellow Devs, as some of you will know, I use Buzz to share interesting articles, tit-bits, etc. To enhance my own experience (I can't find all the good stuff), I follow other developers keen on doing the same thing. I invite you to follow me, or give (PM) me your Google name if you do the...
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    Peering to MWEB

    Just read the article regarding MWEB cutting local transit links, and am wondering where iBurst fits in to all this? Put bluntly, does iBurst have local peering with MWEB (assuming we're not already using MWEB in some way as a provider)? If not, what is being done? EDIT: I see IS and MWEB have...
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    CSS3 properties in IE 6-8 Works a charm. The most popular CSS3 properties are supported: border-radius box-shadow border-image multiple background images linear gradients Best of all, it's a one-liner to include the functionality. :love:
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    What programming language should I learn first?

    Found here. :D In response to the question “Which programming language should I learn first?” - one user responds: Depends. To program in an expressive and powerful language: Python. To get a website up quickly: PHP. To mingle with programmers who call themselves "rockstars": Ruby. To really...
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    Silverstripe 2.4 (stable) released! New in 2.4: Hierarchical URLs, full Microsoft Stack support (including MSSQL 2008), stability and speed... and more. :love:
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    Afrikaans Translators needed

    I've started the process to translate the Silverstripe CMS into Afrikaans. I'm doing what I can, but my native language is English. Any takers, apply at Any help would be appreciated. This is an awesome Open Source (BSD license) CMS that could go far.
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    SilverStripe vs Wolf CMS vs Drupal

    Developers, I would like your input please: I'm going to create a CMS for the existing portal here. I'm considering Drupal off the bat (Drupal+CCK=ftw!), but a few other, perhaps simpler CMS platforms have crossed my desk, and I'd like to know if anyone has heard of, or even worked with...
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    Want to know what programming language to choose? Read inside...

    Tips on choosing a programming language to learn
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    Fix IE6 bugs with this reference There's no need to thank me. :rolleyes:
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    jQuery: Making Web Wizards simple

    For you jQuery users, here's a brilliant article on making wizards from forms. Turn any webform into a powerful wizard with jQuery (FormToWizard plugin) I'll be using this.
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    MS-SQL query problem

    Hi all. I'm struggling with an SQL query from a particular table. The table is normalised, containing addresses. For the sake of argument, let's call the Table Address. Address has within it a few fields: AddressID, Line1, Line2, Line3 and AddressType. AddressID is the PK. AddressType is one...
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    5 things I wish some people wouldn't install on their PCs

    Stunning article - made me laugh and reflect...
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    Free JS chart generator

    Hey fellow web devs... There have been a few requests before for chart generators - so naturally, when I came across this javascript-only chart generator, I thought of you. :o
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    Why Web Developers Don't Need a Mac

    I found this article interesting - about time Windows applications were touted instead of the ever-present Mac... Why Web Developers Don't Need a Mac
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    5800 Owner Seeks CR-103 Cradle

    Ok, so I saw the Nokia Car Holder Pack CR-103 accessory - thought it would be great for when I'm using the phone's GPS. I went to Vodaworld, checked in with Nokia - and was offered the generic car holder. R200, but doesn't turn on it's axis, and doesn't look as cool. :cool: The only online...