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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    nope, it's the courier guy. well established as the courier to use if you want to share with cops. them or aramex
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    Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America

    did you bother reading the article? they're getting ****ed up by delta not some newer variant
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    Ultra-Vaxxed Israel’s Crisis Is a Dire Warning to America

    unless it's made mandatory that's not going to be an issue since over half the population won't be involved.
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    lookong for help

    yes if sundays are part of your normal hours then they are doing it correctly to add 0.5 to form 1.5x (since you're already paid the 1x). ultimately this would come down to your employee contract and what it states, according to contracts both places could be correct. fyi Sundays are more...
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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    sounds like nothing has changed despite all the "relaunches" and "new management". I seem to recall they were not well regarded in thread #1
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    TB in covid times

    ah. sorry wasn't aware of a posted history
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    TB in covid times

    hmm. only dubious people get TB. didn't know that. do you realize if someone were to contract it from your son, your son would be a known dubious character
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    How to EFT money into some one else FNB creditcard using FNB online banking

    dunno about fnb but with other banks you'd need their credit card number. from there it's pretty much the same as loading your own
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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    another one. is it possible for any sellers to produce a menu that doesn't require 5 minutes of colour-blinding study to understand
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    Covid-19 vaccine registration and rollout dates for over-35s announced

    When you get the vaccine do they tell you which it is beforehand? Also what if I've registered and then changed my mind and don't want a vaccine. How do I unsubscribe? Can I call the POPI police?
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    Who has to Financially look after their retired parent(s)/inlaw(s)

    No we're estranged but I know my sibling in Australia provides them about R8k a month.
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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    Their stuff can be a bit hit and miss these days I have to agree. Discanna is better quality
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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    Nope. Discanna for R15/g same at King Kushie for 50g. less if you buy 100g or more
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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    ^not very special if that's all outdoor
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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    Yes I did. My routine used to be a cig straight after a j so it was a tough habit to break but the foul taste of tobacco helped quite a bit :)
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    The Cannabis Thread #2

    argh my eyes jesus did a blind person choose the colours
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    New credit card worked in one store wouldn't work at supermarket. Whose problem is this?

    Mine? ffs. I can't deal with these banks any more. The new card (as in went straight from receiving at branch to store) worked at dischem fine, but tried a couple of machines at woolworths and they all briefly flashed Processing before returning to default screen (didn't get to PIN). Tapping...
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    The Calisthenics thread

    I've done only bodyweight for a long time. check out "Naked warrior" by Pavel Tsatsouline that's my bible
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    The Cannabis Thread

    If you know the strain then you'll know if you got genuine stuff, many good ones have pretty well-defining characteristics. unless you're a novice in the game this is not really an issue