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    Oudtshoorn fibre | Herotel, Vox, Frogfoot

    This thread for discussion of fibre in Oudtshoorn.
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    Eric Clapton "This Has Gotta Stop"

    Part of the fightback for freedom from the Covidians, Eric Clapton has just released "This Has Gotta Stop".
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    History 2: 2009 Vaccine Scandal (Channel 4 News. UK)

    Back in 2009 Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg saved the world from "The greatest medical scandal of the century". Here's a Channel 4 News report from waay back:
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    Leading SA neurosurgeon and others raise vaccine concerns in open letter to president

    For Afrikaans speakers, here's a recent radio interview (in Afrikaans) with Dr Herman Edeling, a top SA neurosurgeon and for many years a forensic neurosurgeon. Apparently he and a group of doctors have written a letter to the president raising their concerns about double standards in current...
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    [Wanted] UniFi AP AC LR | 802.11ac Long Range Access Point

    Do you have a spare/redundant Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point lying around? How much do you want for it?
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    Linux smartphones - experience to share?

    I've had it with the moralistic imperialism of Google and Apple, so I'm casting about for a phone / portable comms system that's more independent. Options are limited, and invariably require compromise on specs and features. I'm looking seriously at Linux Smartphones. Of the few out there...
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    New Post Office website (Oct 2020)

    Went to the Post Office website at to pay the postbox for next year. Couldn't log in. Was greeted with the Post Office's new homepage:
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    Where get an LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual-SIM?

    I want an LG V60 with dual-SIM support. Every place I've contacted locally only has the single-SIM model. Do you know who might have the dual-SIM model, for outright purchase (no contract)?
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    Unusual flight safety video on Qatar Airways

    An idle musing I know... I thought the new flight safety video on Qatar Airways quite creative and attention-grabbing. I actually watched the video on all four legs of a recent trip to the USA. Normally these sorts of videos are mind-numbingly boring. This one isn't and gets people to watch it...
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    VPN for YouTube TV from SA?

    Anyone found a VPN that works with YouTube TV?
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    Boeing 777X first flight (24 Jan 2020) - live stream

    It's a rainy, windy day at Boeing's Paine Field just north of Seattle. The largest twin-jet ever made is sitting on the runway ready for its first flight. Engineers are waiting for the high winds to abate before giving the go-ahead. It's just after 11h00 Seattle time. You can stream the first...
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    Prep car to stand unused for 100 days?

    If you were leaving cars unused for three months, parked in a garage, would you bother with any special prep other than closing the windows and locking the doors? In the olden days before the Rinderpest my advice would have been disconnect the battery or put it on a decent trickle charger, get...
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    Airline says farewell to 747 with sky art tribute

    Nice little bit of fun today by El Al, just west of Cyprus. From FlightRadar24.
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    Russian Tu-160 Blackjack bombers land in SA

    Apparently two Blackjack bombers were scheduled to land at Waterkloof at 06h30 today - the first time these massive war machines land in Africa. Waiting for news and pics.
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    Yet another "game changer" battery

    My old thread on "battery revolutions" seems to have disappeared, so here's another one. Not strictly a battery but a fuel cell, another Brit tinkerer claims to invent a "game changer". Yes, I know the Daily Wail is hardly a credible source, but interesting nevertheless. Ex Navy engineer...
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    Where buy electrically-controlled outdoor tap?

    Anyone know where in SA I can buy an electrically-controlled faucet / gate valve / tap for outdoor use? I'd like to be able to top-up a swimming pool while away from the house. Plan is to vpn into my local network and then use a Sonoff wifi switch to open a garden tap. I have the wifi switch...
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    Goodbye stethoscope

    This is marvellous. Now we need Android and Windows versions.
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    TIP: WhatsApp - How to send a full-size photo instead of reduced-size

    As you know, when you attach a photo in WhatsApp it sends a reduced-size version. I've just learned that you can send the full-sized version if you want: Simply attach it as a "Document" rather than as "Photo". Can be useful, so thought I'd share. See here.