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    Mirror Trading International

    Hello Everyone I am curious if you are any one has heard of the company Mirror Trading International ? Their website: Some how this seems like an official legitimate business. Registered with CIPC as well there are videos on youtube supposedly interviewing their CEO. A...
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    ARK Survival Evolved

    Do you play ARK Survival Evolved ? Would you like to join a tribe ? My Self and 2 other people have been playing ARK for some time now, Real good fun. We have to increase our numbers though. If you would like to join some online locals from time to time, let me know. There is...
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    Ransomware variant .bbbb

    Hello I am wondering if any one has come across the variant of ransom ware with extension .bbbb If so was it cleanable or what steps where taken to deal with this? Currently cleaned up a machine with this variant, files are a loss cause. Though does not seem to be much information...
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    RAID 5 Array 4 drives 1 failure - 3 working

    Hello Every one I have questions about RAID 5 and rebuilding. Server has been running now almost 3 or more weeks in a degraded state, 1 failed drive removed. Now to insert a new same capacity SAS drive to the array. I have the server raid M5014 sas/sata controller. Failed drive has...