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    Can you transfer a W10 license if its DSP?

    Hi all, kinda decided im gonna upgrade when 12th gen comes out. Nothing wrong with my current setup, I just want to upgrade. I am just confused about some things, I have W10 Pro, I am almost 100% sure it's a DSP license. How can I check? So I am probably gonna get new CPU/Mobo/DDR5 RAM and...
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    Can you have 2 fiber connections in 1x house?

    I literally just moved by 4G LTE to Fiber 4 months ago. 100/100 Now my mom is gonna move in and she also took out fiber 2 months ago. 20/10 Both with Mweb. One Octotel and one vumatel I believe we are both bound by 2 contracts though, 12 months? Lol, kinda awkward. But what now? Just have...
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    Rechargeable Batteries

    Is there any merit to getting rechargeable batteries vs these battery packs you see on the internet. Like I see sparkfox sells them 2000mah
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    How to transport big curved screens?

    Hi guys, I have an ASUS TUF VG34VQL1B that I recently bought, and I don't have the box anymore. I am moving to another address and I'm scratching my head as to how im gonna transport this thing without damaging it. But I thought to myself, surely some TV's that curve are even bigger? How...
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    Does a non terrible media player exist

    Hi all I have a spare monitor that I'm trying to convert into some form of media player for a not well off family member. I'll be paying for whatever solution it ends up being, so I'm weighing up the options. Personally I feel like just buying some old chitty pc would work better than a...
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    Cheap wifi 6 router vs expensive wifi 5 router

    I need advice. My options are Asus RT AX 55 and Asus AX 56U or the Huawei Ax3 Or do I just get a wifi 5 router of the same price like a TP link Archer C80. Basically I just want slightly better range than the El cheapos that mweb gives for free. I get coverage in the routers room and the...
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    Is it safe to keep large amounts of money in your savings account?

    Or do you store it elsewhere? I pulled out a lot of my crypto recently which is basically all my life savings and it's just been chilling in my savings account and I'm a bit worried about back and forth in and out of altcoin/luno with large amounts of money. Granted I do have daily limits...
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    Is user benchmark inaccurate?

    I was comparing the 11400f to my cpu, the 8700. And it looks like decent progress about 13% faster in every aspect. But if I look at gaming benchmarks, they're virtually identical. I know gaming isn't really an exact science because of gpu and resolutions etc but even like looking at cpu...
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    Cheap Sportscar.

    Hi all, what are your thoughts on picking up a cheap sportscar. Or sportycar idk what you call them. Basically any of the below;
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    Can I move over my W10 Store Apps to W11?

    Stuff like Dolby Atmos, I bought it through the W10 App Store. I have no code/product key or account with Dolby. So if I get W11, can I still use those apps? Im not even sure if I can remember my login details its been so long since I've had to use them.
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    Scam? Money laundering? Tax evasion?

    Hi guys, Something doesn't seem right about this. My widowed mom has been talking to some guy she met online and he's given her access to his absa bank accounts and asked her to transfer money into other accounts and into various Luno accounts. And we're talking large amounts here (100k+) And...
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    Mesh Networks Worth it?

    I don't have a big house, but I can't get signal in my bedroom. Router is in my pc room. I've had no luck with range extenders tbh and I linked 2x to my router they just so inconsistent. But I'm wondering if a mesh Networks overkill for my needs? Aren't they for like double story houses? I...
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    How to save money?

    Hi guys, Thus far I've always just put my savings into either altcoin or luno. I used some of it buying a car a year ago. Now I'm wondering about my options. It seems that now tax is an issue when you invest in crypto? I've never not invested in crypto, so my knowledge about savings at the...
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    Is there an mweb rep here on mybb

    I want to speak to an mweb rep about fiber installation queries.
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    Fiber, can I choose which room the ONT goes in?

    Hi there, getting fiber installed sometime this week. Scratching my head over this one, I really would prefer the fiber installed in my room, which is at the back of the house, but how can I tell if they're willing to do this. At my previous house they installed it to the room closest to the...
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    Any repercussion to blocking a debit order?

    For a gym membership. I took out a contract at one of the cheaper gyms in SA, in Jan 2018. It's long since expired. But they kept charging me. Even after multiple attempts to cancel. I first called, they said its 30 working days to cancel, I followed that procedure. Still get debited. Called...
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    Is i9 9900s worth it?

    Hi all, Wondering if I should upgrade cpu only, seems you can pick up an i9 9900s for around 7k. Or if it's better to just add a bit more and get mobo and cpu instead but 11th gen/wait for 12th gen. I see in benchmarks that 11th gen i5 is almost as good as i9 9900 unless I'm wrong? I'm...
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    Is there any way for me to buy Dolby Atmos, not through the windows store?

    Hi guys, I tried Dolby Atmos and I really do like it. But I can't get my payment to work on the W10 app store, its a really poorly implement app store imo. I tried to buy it on Dolby's website directly but all I find on their site is marketing material and fluff videos showcasing dolby... Or...
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    Is Aurasync controlled by PWM fan headers

    Or does it have to be linked to rgb header on mobo, or both? Trying to add an argb fan to my pc. Just wanna make sure I don't mess it up. I have a Asus z370 prime a mobo
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    What happened to the Rugby players?

    Hi, I didn't watch rugby for a few years and everyone is gone. I tried Googling them but their wiki pages are so bare and I wanna know what they up to nowadays. What happened to; Heinrich Brussouw, Courtnal Skosan, Andries Bekker, Francois Hougaard, Ross Cronjé, Johan Goosen etc.