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    Telkom static IP activation

    Anyone now how to activate a static IP with Telkom without phoning technical support for a total of 3 hours just to be told they can't help you? Been a couple of days now :
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    4G? I don't think so

    Was able to change the band to B3 on a different router (huawei) using the band tool + configuring the login setup. Hard to say if that made the difference or less congestion. This one doesn't support B38. Still too slow.
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    4G? I don't think so

    Awesome! Thanks for the info. I did a bit of a search and got the band tool here : So I ran a : huawei_band_tool.exe --show-band and got a strange output : [5004] error: File: src/main.cpp Line: 1100 Function...
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    4G? I don't think so

    What provider did you go to? I think rain has just given up on support when it comes to speed issues. They removed the live chat option from their website too. I understand the technical limitations when it comes to wireless infrastructure as I've worked with some of those people in the...
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    4G? I don't think so

    Not worth R10 a month, IMHO. Anyone out there getting at least 10mbps down on rain?
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    Which ISP do you use for your Internet connection at home?

    Should not be considered internet.