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    [S] 2 x Seagate 2TB 3.5'' (1st Batch)

    Item name: 2 x Seagate 2TB 3.5" ST32000542AS Age and condition: Bought 2011, Excellent Do you include packaging: Anti static bag Warranty: 3 weeks Piece of Mind Reason for selling: Migrating my 46TB's to 6 x 8TB's Price: R750 Negotiable: Yes if both taken Location: Joburg or Centurion/Brooklyn...
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    Banting / LCHF Ingredients Johannesburg

    Anyone on here started a thread about where you can locate LCHF ingredients, best pricing etc. for Joburg? I have seen a number of Cape Town based suppliers of almond butter etc. so hoping users can post (or have posted somewhere else) their experiences on pricing / stock / location Update...
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    Bus Tracking

    Anyone else find the Bus Tracking app on the Android Gautrain app doesn't work? Even the online AFRIGIS is not showing the buses:
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    A Big Thank You To Esquire

    I just wanted to make a public thanks to Riedwaan and team at Esquire for managing to keep me a very happy customer with their quick solution and turnaround to the problems I faced this week, it is nice when even as a MyBB Esquire member that you are looked after as much as the big companies...
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    American Idol

    What the hell happened last night, how incompetent do you have to be to repeat the same show you played 2 hours before???
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    Esquire PriVio Light Tips, Tricks and Comments

    Hi All, I've purchased an Esquire PriVio Light to play around with and will keep posting items in here about the device. If anyone else would like to comment or add anything please feel free. If there are any suggestions as to improve the device please also post them here!
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    Checking USB Flash Drive

    I'm currently using Check Flash 1.03 to test the USB Flash disk (mini sd card) that came with my Nokia 5800XM as we have experienced alot of corrupted data, can anyone suggest any other programs to check the integrity of the mini sd card? Download
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    5800XMers, Post a pic of your HomeScreen!

    Here's mine: To take a screenshot, use ScreenSnap 2.0
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    Calling fellow Excel power users

    I have a bit of a problem i can't get my head around. Yet its a very basic problem, i think :) I have tried google but i cannot think of the right question to ask! Anyway, If i do a concatenation between two cells and i arrive with a formula, when i paste that cell into another cell...
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    5800 Tube - New Firmware v31 Firmware v31.0.008 Just Out with Better Maps, Improvements
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    Supernatural Season 5

    Two days to go, anyone else INCREDIBLY psyched? Merc, what do you think of Mark Pellegrino (aka Lucifer)?
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    Civilization 4 - Beyond the Sword Patch 3.19

    Hi Guys, Just FYI, a NEW patch has been released, 3.19 for BTS, this almost two years after it was released. Most important is that it removes the CD and DRM check. Check it out:
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    Migrate Contract to Pre-Paid - Italk / MTN

    Hi Everyone, Anyone have any information / success stories on migrating from an MTN contract to a Pre-paid (i.e. keeping your number without being shackled to Italk)
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    Astronomy/Space What-If

    As an avid SciFi fan I was wondering the following: If somehow (space travel, wormhole created by LHC etc) you were transported a thousand lights years away to another planet (for the sake of keeping this basic its exactly earth like) and you then met an Extraterrestrial civilization that...
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    Traffic Cop stopped me this morning

    Told me that i didn't stop at a stop street, yet if i hadn't stopped the ONCOMING car who stopped before me would have smashed into me :rolleyes: Also while waiting for the oncoming car i saw him and his partner talking to each other, so i then turned and thats when he pulled me over So he...
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    WiiHD DVD player, Twilight & Homebrew

    My 2 RCA cable pins were broken off into my AV2 input on my TV, so only AV1 input left, but i have a Wii and a DVD player and with the cables being neat behind the TV its a mission to swop around the whole time So anyone had any luck with getting to watch DVD's on their Wii yet? I came...
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    Buckwheat honey & I'd like to get some Buckwheat honey for my almost 2 y.o. daughter, could someone tell me where i could find it...
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    Step by Step to investigating Bandwidth loss not theft

    Hi Guys, Been looking around for this information/sticky but cant seem to find it! Anyway, can we list a step by step guide to investigating your PC for things that would eat your cap unknowingly (i.e. Windows Update, Adobe Update and also malicious software etc) As i have a bit of a...
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    Error 500 Website on Mweb

    Hey guys, Just a quick one, my Mom used to access this site but all of a sudden it keeps giving her the 500 error this is the email sent to Mweb Support: Now i have tried it from work and it works perfectly, can you guys test and see if it loads please? As the response from Mweb was...
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    Bandwidth Cap

    Here's a question, just want a reasonable answer please! I understand that we are moaning and complaining about cap/bandwidth restrictions but here's another point i`d like to ask: What do you need 30GB for a month (Legally)? What normal (i.e. legal downloads etc) adsl user would need...