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  1. EMAM

    Dyson Hairdryer

    Item name (be very descriptive): Dyson supersonic hairdryer Age and condition: brand new, unopened box Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Reason for selling: unwanted gift Price: R5000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection: collection Retails for R6999 Nice...
  2. EMAM

    How long can you go on for without no food

    Asking this as I have a friend who has just gone through major trauma. She stopped eating last Saturday - today is day 9 with no food intake whatsoever - only water and chicken soup - 6kg's down in weight. Today her heart is racing - having an anxiety attack maybe or is the body asking for...
  3. EMAM


    Anyone here on urbanol? I've just been put onto it, over and above my other meds, and I feel like a complete zombie. I take 5mg morning and afternoon. How long do these side effects take until your system gets used to them, if ever? My anxiety is dissipating but I feel drunk and I don't want...
  4. EMAM

    **** Cancer

    Ladies and gents..... And all the rest....... Today I am officially in remission, after being given a year to live and being told I would never be in remission. Just thought I'd share my little bit of good news with you all because so many of you have walked this journey with me. I will...