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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Can anyone please advise me a good router/modem to go with the 150gb deal/80gb deal? One of my contracts are going to move from the phone to a more internet house setup/
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    Big Black Friday Giveaway - Find the best deal and win cash

    Metrofibre - you sign up you’ll get a blazing-fast 1 Gbps business Internet Access package for only R7 999pm OR 200 Mbps business Internet Access package for only R3 999pm either on a 24-month contract.
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    What would you do with 2 million that you can invest for 1 year?

    Cygnia FAANG, 4th Industrial revolution. If the bubble bursts, everything will be hit, nothing will be safe. Check out the Cygnia boss lady on twitter, she is nailing the competition.
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    Vodacom Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Fibre deal: Vumatel 20Mbps Download speed Uncapped R 899,00 PM Btw deal: Lenovo Ideapad Celeron On Red Professional+ Huawei R219H MIFI Router 20GB Anytime + 20GB Night Owl Microsoft 365 Business Premium 10GB Collaboration Ticket R1099 x24
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    MTN 5G Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    24-month contract R1 249 PM x 24 Unlimited data plan Includes a Sh@reLink 5G router.
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    ONE-DAY Vodacom Promotion - Enter Now

    The Real time stock visibility would come in handy and be something I would use.
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    After the lockdown is lifted, would you still like to work from home?

    Yes please, no need to be in the office
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    What are your biggest concerns regarding the 21-day lockdown?

    Uprisings from poor people working for day to day salaries, not able to feed their kids anymore. Not able to help these people in these times. Not having a job when the 3 weeks are up.
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    Eskom global contracts under investigation

    Some of those are not like the others. A 900m contract that goes to 1,8b if the time doubles is not strange. Contractually the Time Related P and G's will continue. BUT - a 100m contract that becomes 10b. Now that is a steal! I wish the article just had a simple table stating the start and...
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    The truth about speeding arrests in South Africa

    Well, the posts above also only focus on fatalities. How many were seriously injured? Maimed, in wheelchairs, with extensive disabilities? Do the statistics take into account where patients survive the accident but succumb in the hospital a few days later?
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    Corrupt ANC tenders ruined Medupi and Kusile - Expert

    Keep me away from Hitachi, Alstrom, Tenova, ABB SA - even the subbies.
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    Disappearing airtime is back - Check your balance

    I phoned them, tweeted them and raised many issues with them. Its been a month exactly since first contact and my query is still open.
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    MTN Night Express, change of cutoff time with no notice from 6am to 5am

    Yeah, you have to phone in and raise get the matter escalated. The more of us that do the better.
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    MTN Night Express, change of cutoff time with no notice from 6am to 5am

    Just spoke to a consultant, only ad hoc services cut off at -5:00, contract still cuts off at 06:00. That is why I have not received any communication. But it has been deducted from my normal data before 06:00. So I have escalated the matter and suggest you all do the same.
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    MTN Night Express, change of cutoff time with no notice from 6am to 5am

    Jip just saw MTN stole my data! What can we do? There has to be some sort of action we can take? I will be posting to twitter daily even hourly until resolved.
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    So is there a MTN rep on this site? My data for the last two months have been lower than usual? I have second round black friday specials. I am suppose to get 30gb and 30gb but now only get 20gb and 30gb night data? Can I go to the ombudsman when MTN breaks contract? How should I proceed?
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    For Sale: MTN Airtime

    Anyone got cash to burn and need to buy mtn airtime, please contact me. I accidentally bought R500 instead of R50 airtime and can transfer the rest via Me2U. So drop me a PM if interested.
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    New Zealand volcano - At least five dead with number expected to rise

    And so the volcano god takes his virgin sacrifices.
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    Black Friday 2019 Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 R 8999 down from R12699