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  1. James946

    Are speeds capped on this package?

    Hi there, I am considering getting the lte 220gb+220gb telkom prepaid package, just need to know if speeds are capped on it like on some other packages. Heard from some people that night surfer speeds are capped and I don't know if this is true.
  2. James946

    Has Rain gotten slower for you?

    Hey there, I have been using rain from 2018 and i haven't had too many issues with them, usually i just had speed issues during the day. At night i always had between 30-60mbps daily. As of late i have been getting terrible speeds during both day and night and i have no clue why. It started...
  3. James946

    Rain down for anyone else?

    Tried connecting to rain 4G rn and it says my service is offline, the default peak times page. anyone else experiencing this? invoice for the month has been paid and everything looks normal on the dashboard
  4. James946

    Need a huawei band tool

    Hi there, recently purchased a huawei b618-22d and i was wondering if there was a band tool for it? Trying to change the band to the 2600 LTE-A but there doesnt seem to be a tool inbuilt.
  5. James946

    What is the best 4G router?

    Currently have a b315 but its gotten slow the past few months so im thinking of upgrading, what is the best lte router nowadays?
  6. James946

    Anyone using iGen?

    Since there is no fibre available in my area and the max adsl speed I can get is 2mbps, I am looking to use a wisp. Does anyone know if iGen is any good? Prices are fair and I am in coverage, I am a student/Gamer so im hoping the speed and latency wont be too bad since it's wireless. I'm in...
  7. James946

    Is this a scam?

    Friend sent me a link to this service, this is probably 100% a scam but just wanna see if anyone have used or even heard of this.
  8. James946

    Rain super slow in my area

    Hi there. During the day I can't use rain at all, speeds go from 10mbps to not even being able to load google. At night I get from 20-30 megs per sec. What I was wondering is if I get like a antenna to boost signal, would the speed increase at all? I currently get 4 bars of signal so I dont...