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    Facebook Whistle-Blower to Share ‘Frightening Truth’ With Senate

    Social Media is the leading driver for mental health disorders worldwide... its time to put it right, the world needs its mental health back.
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    DStv Premium + DStv Internet bundle prices

    Great market analysis. :)
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    MultiChoice launches DStv Internet with MTN

    That makes this offering pretty useless
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    FNB loses R2.9 million case against own client who says he was victim of lottery scam

    FNB might appear as a bank with tech-leading products and services, but their back-office IT infrastructure is old and obviously full of security risks. I would stay away from anything they offer, just a shiny marketing coat with no secure infrastructure to back it up. The same goes for Wesbank...
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    Eskom rubbishes allegations of Duvha coal supply corruption linked to ANC

    I cannot think that de Ruyter would knowingly get involved in a corrupt deal, but then he is basically employed by the ANC, since ESKOM is a SOE. Difficult to believe the ANC cannot pay their employees, when they have such income streams.
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    Musk manipulated Bitcoin's price for own benefit — Magda Wiezycka

    That's the beauty about Crypto, its not regulated by any authority in the world. That is why the SEC is now trying to regulate it, by suing the Crypto 'creators', like Ripple's XRP and Revenue Services trying to TAX it. Not sure their (SEC's) efforts would work though. This is an untamed beast...
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    The top South African IT companies to work for

    Dimension Data, SAP and CellC, you can't be serious, they either corrupt or insolvent.
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    These are the most dangerous COVID-19 areas in South Africa

    I agree, and the numbers changed a lot over the last week... Covid-the-2nd made the big TREK north with the return of those on holiday.
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    Ramaphosa accused of meddling with Eskom's business by former CEO Molefe

    "This project is going nowhere... let's bring in more people so we can further spread the blame" - HaHa
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    Facebook accused of trying to kick GovChat off WhatsApp

    Not sure if Telegram or Signal have a Business API... which is what companies use to programmatically control their WhatsApp/Facebook Business accounts
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    Discovery Bank appoints new CEO

    "Barry, Hylton" - now we all know why Discovery Bank is a JOKE!
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    DStv standalone streaming launched in South Africa

    What are they smoking at DSTV?
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    MyBroadband's Jan Vermeulen wins Vodacom Journalist of the Year award for investigative journalism

    Well Done! The exposure of the stolen IPs and the subsequent clean-up at AFRINIC meant a lot to the IT Industry in SA as a whole.
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    New DStv Explora Ultra launched

    It still requires a dish? Thought the new Explora Decoder would be able to run "everything" from an internet connection only? It doesn't make sense.
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    These are the South Africans who have taken the global tech industry by storm

    Another big Tech impact in the States : Pierre Naude from NCino
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    The changes coming to DStv from 1 September

    What happened to the new PVR Decoder with Netflix/Prime included?
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    Travel as you knew it is over, says Airbnb CEO

    Oh yes, things will be back to "normal" in 6 month's time... and then those "idiots" would want to over-compensate for the loss in FOMO that they had to endure. There are just too many socialite junkies out there who cannot survive without constant physical attention.
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    Coronavirus lockdown has dealt a hard blow to online stores in South Africa

    What I find a bit strange is that the online shops have different offerings under "Essential Goods" - One can purchase a monitor from Wootware or EveTech, but not TakeALot (can't even search for it). One can even walk into GAME and buy a monitor... so, maybe its TakeALot's own fault that they...