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  1. Roelie

    If I courier a used laptop from USA, do I pay duty?

    My daughter got herself an Apple and now her i7 laptop is spare and she wants to send it to me but the courier cost plus tax might be high to make it not worthwile.
  2. Roelie

    Looking for Revit MEP Draughtsman

    I am looking for a Revit Draughtsman with HVAC experience in the Bryanston area. PM me for details.
  3. Roelie

    ADSL Line dropping at certain times

    I'm having a very frustrating time with my ADSL line at the moment. The line drops and reconnects constantly, but it only seems to happen at certain times of the day, mostly between 5pm and 7pm and after that it's rock solid again. Yesterday I had the Telkom "technician" out, and on cue...